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Angel – Part 3

by April Carvelli
Angel feature
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by Kiersa Dobranski

One day, in particular, the two of them had gone to the large play island and spent a whole day there, as they usually do. But sadly,  it was just the two of them this time, because Riku was had come down with the flu. While playing around the main beach on the play island the two children found a secret hole in a cave beside the island’s small sparkling waterfall and decided to go in and do some investigating. At the time the two of them were playing an imaginary game of detective, so finding a secret place like this was absolutely perfect for the them. 

“Woah! This is so cool!”, Sora exclaimed, breaking character from their game, as he looked around the small cavern. There were mostly plain boring rocks everywhere, but there was one big hole in the rocky roof that let a little bit of bright sunlight peek its’ way though. There was also a large mysterious brown door at the end of the cave, with yellow hugging the outside of said floor. It didn’t look like a normal door, though. It had no handle, no way to open it. …Or so it seemed at the time.

“Where do you think this… ‘door’… leads?” Kairi asked, placing both of her hands on the strange door trying to get it to open somehow.

“Dunno.” Sora replied, walking up beside her, now also fascinated with the door. Kairi looked around this cool new place in awe, after shrugging off where this door could possibly lead. It seemed like no one had been here yet, except for her and Sora. 

“Since we found this place first, it seems, then we should mark it. Like, put something in here saying ‘we found this place first!’ Y’know?” Sora said, joining Kairi in looking around the cave. 

“Yeah. But what could we do?” Kairi thought for a moment, looking around to get any help. Then it hit her.

“Hey! I wonder if we can draw on the walls with this!”, as she excitedly held up a small chipped rock and showed Sora. 

“Okay!” Sora said and smiled like he always does.

Kairi returned the smile, and walked over to an open blank wall of rocks, and started scratching the wall with the rock in her hand. A faint white line appeared on the rock from where she scratched. She pressed harder when she scratched and the line became more visible.

“It works!” She said, happily. Sora walked over to her.

“Whatcha wanna draw then?” Sora asked, sitting down beside the redhead.

Kairi thought for a minute as she looked around for another rock to give to Sora. She found a larger one and gave it to Sora.

“Here.” She said as he took the rock.

“Umm. Oh! How ‘bout I draw you, and you draw me! Then people will know you and me found this place first.”

She smiled, while Sora jumped back a little from her idea.

“What?! I can’t draw you!”

“Why not?”

She whimpered, with a pout.

“Because you’re too perfect. If I draw you it’ll look bad.”

Sora said, as he admired her small child-like features. 

“Oh, that’s fine! It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just try your best!”

One step closer

She gave him an encouraging smile and started to draw Sora’s head. Sora hesitated for a moment but nodded and started to draw Kairi’s head as well. It took them a while to finish their drawing of the other. A bunch of loud scratching from rocks could be heard throughout the tiny cave, as well as a few chuckles and giggles from the two when they talked, but eventually, they both finished their drawings. The drawings were both facing each other and smiling wide. Kairi sat back on her feet and looked over at Sora’s finished drawing.

“That looks great Sora!”

“You think so?”

He asked, scratching the back of his head, also sitting back on his own feet to look at Kairi’s drawing of him.


She smiled and ran her fingers over his drawing. The feel of the rough cold rock spread across her fingers as she turned her hand across the drawing of herself. After a few seconds of enjoying the drawing, she stood up with a cute huff and reached out for Sora to take her hand and help him up.

“Come on! I’ll race ya back to the dock!”

Sora took Kairi’s hand with enthusiasm, “You’re on!”

He shouted back and ran out of the cave, Kairi incredibly close behind in a bundle of giggles.

I have died every day, waiting for you

Darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more


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