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The 7 Best Video Games of 2020, Ranked

by Stentor
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In a year clouded with uncertainty and sometimes frightening moments, video games became a source of consolation for many. Punters accessed their favorite games and took advantage of the Mohegan Sun bonuses, which came in handy for many. In this piece, you’ll discover the seven best video games for 2020, ranked. If you’ve been spoiled for choice and are wondering which video games to play, you can try one from this list that you’ve not played.

7. Call of Duty: War Zone

Call of Duty is a Fortnite-style battle royale shooter game. It incorporates original ideas to give it a fresh feel. Unlike Fortnite clones that came up short, Warzone used systems, strategies, and progressions the offer players hours of immersive gameplay. Credit goes to Infinity Ward, the developer. The company has continued to enhance the user experience by providing robust seasons, updating maps, and offering new ways to play the game, making it more intense and addictive. The game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

6. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The game came as a sequel to its predecessor – Ori and the Blind Forest. It did not disappoint as it did all that gamers expect a sequel to do. Ori and the Will of the Wisps expertly builds on the foundation set by its predecessor providing a more sophisticated, colorful, and bigger world. In its introduction, Ori and other delightful characters adopt and raise a baby owl. However, disaster strikes when Ori and the baby owl become separated. You’ll have to navigate through a beautifully developed landscape and solve a series of puzzles in a distressing quest to reunite the two. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox.  

5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest release in Nintendo’s long-running life simulator franchise. In this new release, you’ll be dropped on an island where you begin to build a community. A few human-like animal residents occupy the island. You’ll also have to pay off your debt to the capitalist raccoon-dog that dropped you to the island. When you are away from building your home, you can enjoy the massive community of players having fun. You can even host talk shows in the custom-made virtual islands.

4. Among Us

In “Among Us,” deception is the name of the game, and players are tasked with finding out the Impostor on their ship. Some players known as Crewmates are given minigame-style repair jobs around the ship. On the other hand, the Impostor sets out to disrupt and kill the crewmates discreetly. When you are suspicious of someone, you should call a meeting to deliberate who the Impostor is, then vote to throw them into the cold vacuum space. You need to proceed with caution as you might be wrong. You can play the game on iOS, Android, and PC.

3. Last of Us Part II

Last of Us Part II is a dystopian game that surprises, frustrates, and enrages the players. The game involves many thought-provoking risks. The continuation follows Ellie, who’s all grown and still immune to the virus that has transformed humans into zombies. She grapples with the morally questionable decision her father figure Joel made in the first game. Ellie is on her own, and her loneliness serves a greater narrative. As she loses human connection, she becomes obsessed with vengeance, and her enemies evolve into human figures at the same time. The game is available on PlayStation.

2. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales extends the 2018 hit Spider-Man. The game makes its players assume the role of the so-called Black-Puerto Rican teen after he moves to Harlem from Brooklyn to protect the city while his mentor is on holiday. The player will get the feeling of combing buildings as they fight criminals in a wintery New York. You can play the game from PlayStation.

1. Hades

In this impressive game, players assume Hades’ son Zagreus’s role as he tries to escape the Greek underworld. To do so, he has to fight notable heroes and get help from the Whole of the Pantheon. You’ll love the astral art, delightful varied combat, and inspired progression systems. What makes the game top-notch is how it reinvents how a story should unfold in a game supposed to be played repeatedly.

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