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Angel – Part 1

by April Carvelli
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by Kiersa Dobranski

It was an absolutely bright shining beautiful day on the famous Destiny Islands. There was a big beautiful blue sky, with a few funny shaped fluffy white clouds. The hot, bright sun was beaming down on the spiky brown-hair of four-year-old, Sora, as he rested on the beach waiting for his best friend Riku. The clear blue water at the play island’s shore daintily rushed in and out, gently tickling Sora’s toes that were dipped in the cold water ever so slightly. The trees made a soft welcoming noise as the light wind brushed their leaves together so very lightly. The smell of summer, happiness, and nature-filled the humid air. Everything was amazingly peaceful, relaxing, and calming. Sora’s blue eyes, as blue as the bright sky, lit up as he giggled when a group of small fish came up and started swimming around his small toes. Not too long after the fish quickly scattered making Sora’s smile drop and he cocked his head to the side slightly. 

Heartbeats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave

How can I love when I’m afraid to fall

Suddenly the sky became darker and the fluffy white clouds became an angry grey that hid the warming sun away from the boy. Out of curiosity, Sora looked up to see what happened. Instead of seeing the bright warmth of summer, he saw something huge and oddly bright, falling at fast speed from the dark sky. It looked like one of those bright glowing stars he saw in pictures. Sora quickly stood up, as the water became more rough and rigid.  He soon realized that this bright, shining star-like thing was heading straight towards him. Sora told himself to run away so he didn’t get hurt, but something inside him wanted-no, needed for him to stay. That voice telling him to stay still, stay put, was practically yelling at him as the star got closer and closer. He stood frozen, breath hitched, and heart racing as the bright star stopped its speeding pace abruptly, and gently flowed down to him. It created a large gust of wind making his brown locks wave in every direction. Instead of it appearing star-like as he thought it would – It had a beautiful pink, red, and orange bright glow that was in the form of… a heart? Sora stood in awe as it shined and sparkled and slowly spun in place as if it was dancing to some unheard rhythm. He didn’t know what to do but just stand and stare in awe and amazement.

Not too long after that the voice was back and it aggressively told him to reach out and touch it, hold it even. Sora did as the weird voice told him to and reached out to gently poke it. The ‘heart’ started spinning faster, and faster until it quickly spun up and in a huge burst of bright blinding light, it started to form something, something… familiar? It almost looked like a small feminine body of sorts. The ‘body’ slowly fell to the warm sand he was just sitting on a few moments ago. Without a single thought, Sora quickly ran over to the ‘body’ and noticed it was a girl, whose eyes were closed, and that looked almost around his age. 

Watching you stand alone

All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

He could tell that she was sleeping peacefully without any realization of what just happened before him. The small girl had short red hair, with a small white and purple sundress on. Sora was terribly afraid that she was possibly dead or hurt. He bent down and shook her a little hoping that she was still alive or wasn’t harmed in any way.

One step closer

“Hey, are you okay?”

He asked the girl, panic filling his voice. If she was harmed or worse dead, he wasn’t sure what he would do. She slowly started to open her eyes from his shaking and talking. 

“… where am I..?”

She asked, looking around at her surroundings. Green trees, beautiful blue water, clear sky’s, where is she? Sora sighed, relieved that this red-haired female was okay.

“Destiny Islands.”

He eagerly answered her question, smiling brightly at the other.

“Are you an angel?”

Sora asked the girl. The girl sat up with a huff, confusion written all over her features. She rubbed the supposed sleep from her curious violet eyes.


She had a slight giggle in her voice.

“Are you an angel? Riku-he’s my best friend-told me that angels are really pretty, and they’ll sometimes fall from the sky. You’re really pretty, and you came falling from the sky. You have to be an angel then.” Sora said as he pointed to the now clear beautiful blue sky above them. The girl looked up at the sky as well for a few short moments before shaking her head and looking back down at the boy smiling at her.

“Oh… no I don’t think I am.”

“Well, you should be. You came falling in from the sky like woosh!”

Sora started making sounds like an airplane, standing up, and acting out the motions. 

“Then you came to me like shing! And you were all sparkly and stuff. And then boom!”

Sora dramatically fell beside the red-haired girl, making the sand underneath him fly everywhere. She started laughing at how dramatic the boy beside her was being. As soon as heard her laugh, Sora instantly liked the sound of it. It made him feel overwhelmingly happy. Her laugh was sweet and sounded so amazingly wonderful to Sora. He started laughing with her just because of how happy he was feeling.


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Brandi December 4, 2020 - 1:21 PM

Beautiful can’t wait till part 2!

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Can’t wait for part 2!

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