Are We Ready for a Monster Movie Resurgence?

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One of the most eagerly anticipated movie releases of the year has been Milla Jovovich’s, Monster Hunter. The movie – as its title suggests – involves Jovovich in a fight against monsters. The monster concept has evolved since the early days of back projection, models, and men in costumes. With the flick an update on a classic trope, do modern audiences still enjoy films involving monsters? If the online casino industry is anything to go by, then the answer is yes.

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Could Monsters in Online Casino Influence Movies?

Monsters haven’t just seen a return to the big screen. The world of entertainment has also begun to rely on the timelessness and the creative license that comes with monsters. For instance, the range of jackpot slots on Paddy Power Games site includes Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest and Mighty Griffin Megaways. Both are examples of how the monster theme has been retooled for new audiences. The former utilizes the beasts that you could find in the forest, while the latter relies on the mythical beast of its title.

The Epic Journey slot also features monsters – namely dinosaurs – as its characters are on a journey through a volcano into the center of the earth. Using monsters as iconography across the online casino industry works to create immersive games, utilizing the video capacity of online slots and the animation that can be created around the standard slot gameplay.

Whenever monsters are present, the tension is amped because the chase is on. The online casino industry utilizes this effect to create tension and atmosphere for the game. Audiences are primed for this feeling. Even games like roulette have been infused with the addition of a monster with Dragon Jackpot Roulette.

Could the Monster Movie Make a Comeback?

The monster genre has been at the mercy of the technology involved in bringing it to life. The early days of realistic CGI gave us a spate of monster flicks and then producers realized they could use the technology to create action spectacles involving ‘real’ people, as with Marvel. But is there room for the monster genre to return?

If the popularity of the online jackpot slots that use the monster theme is anything to go by, then modern versions of monsters could see a resurgence. The monster genre worked in the early days of cinema because the plot was simple to follow and audiences knew exactly what they were getting. Seeing anything onscreen was novel, so keeping things simple worked. But as we began to be bombarded with games, TV series, and movies, we were less impressed with what technology could do with monsters. But as the online casino industry has shown with other concepts – such as its seasonal Halloween slots – these tastes are cyclical.

Monsters lend themselves well to different media because they are wide-ranging – from Godzilla to the Incredible Hulk. They provide fertile ground to create stories around, especially when imbued with horror. The monsters of the slot games don’t act in the same way the monsters of early cinema did, which also differs from the monsters of modern cinema. That’s the benefit of the genre – the malleability of monsters, which means online slots and films can use the same monster and create completely unique products.

Ultimately, the monster genre is one that draws audiences. We’ve seen it work with online slots and films in the early days of Hollywood. The simplicity of the plot keeps people interested. The key to ensuring the monster genre survives is to make sure that there is another story, an emotional one, underpinning the monster drama. Or that the monster is used in a different format, as with slots. Should this be achieved, then not only are audiences ready for monsters created through the latest technology, but they are ready for stories that feature these monsters.

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