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[Video] What We Watched: Fun Clips from the Past Week – October 26 – November 1

by Tori Ann
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While we’re all staying at home, a lot of us are watching things online. With the plethora of videos available, and more being created every day, it’s an enjoyable way to pass the time and bring a little fun into our lives. Some of these may be brand new, some may be older, but here are a few of the videos I enjoyed this week.

With many gatherings unable to happen right now, the theater community has certainly suffered – from Broadway to local community and school productions. This middle school had the bright idea to still put on their school musical, but recording everyone from home. It’s quite adorable and shows just how we can still adapt to our current circumstances thanks to technology!

Japan has frequently been at the forefront of technology, and they are bringing that to the realm of ice cream stores. In true Japanese fashion, they can make serving ice cream even more fun with dragon and dinosaur robots bringing your frozen treats to you.

Josh Gad is the gift that keeps on giving. The multi-talented actor has been bringing movie casts together through his webseries Reunited Apart, and now he’s recapping Star Wars as his iconic Disney character, the lovable snowman Olaf. In this video he recaps the Star Wars prequels in hilarious fashion.


Slime is one of those things that is just plain fun, regardless of the time of year. This video from the Ghostbusters channel shows how you can make your own slime, in any color you want!

In season one of The Mandalorian, there was a brief conversation between two biker scouts in which they joked about their bad aim, which stormtroopers are notorious for in the Star Wars universe. This video from Auralnauts takes that even farther, leading the troopers to question their very existence.

What have you watched this week?

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