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[Comic Book Review] THE PEACEKEEPERS #1 ~ Now on Kickstarter!

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ received an advance review copy of THE PEACEKEEPERS #1 from Half Evil Comics. Available on Kickstarter, the creative team for this issue features writing from Rylend Grant, art from Davi Leon Dias, colors by Iwan Joko Triyono, and lettering from HdE.

Here is PopCultHQ’s Spoiler-Free Review of…

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Writer: Rylend Grant
Artist: Davi Leon Dias
Colorist: Iwan Joko Triyono
Letterer: HdE

Covers by Davi Leon Dias & Iwan Joko Triyono

All hell breaks loose in a quaint northern Michigan community when a team of in-over-their-heads bank robbers kills a beloved Sheriff’s Deputy. In a small town with BIG secrets, local detective Richard Holton races to peel back the layers of a depraved down home conspiracy before the bungling Federal Agents assigned to the case send everyone involved to the ground.

Spoiler-Free Review 3

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review: THE PEACEKEEPERS #1

This is a pretty intense story that starts off with a bang, instantly pulling you in like writer Rylend Grant does best. There are so many things to like about THE PEACEKEEPERS. It’s part action, part drama, has dashes of humor (Elliot’s nana!), and some wonderful 80s nods. I also liked seeing the usage of music in one of the scenes, reminiscent of Grant’s first book ABERRANT. And in true form, expect an ending that’ll catch you off-guard and smack you upside the head with a HOLY S*** moment. Writing: Rylend Grant has always impressed me with the way he can grab the reader, leaving them engrossed in his story. He has proven with his other titles (ABERRANT, BANJAX, THE JUMP) that his experience in screenwriting and working with Hollywood has carried over well to the comic book medium. If continuing to garner Ringo Award nominations plus a win (and maybe more this weekend!) isn’t enough to catch your eye, THE PEACEKEEPERS is going to make you an instant fan. Grant’s cinematic prowess is on display like never before. I got about a third of the way into THE PEACEKEEPERS #1 before it hit me – even though BANJAX does offer back-and-forth perspectives from the two lead characters, this was different. This was something bigger, a larger world with multiple stories occurring. You begin to see what is being laid out and how their impending interconnectivity is on the horizon. This is the foundation upon which phenomenal storytelling and blockbuster hits are made. This may be Rylend’s best work yet. Art: Bro. Full stop. No stranger to Davi Leon Dias’ work, the artist gets mad props from me for this one! Davi’s illustrations really elevate this story. It’s as if some of that Rylend Grant screenwriting has rubbed off on his fellow collaborator. Dias really makes this story come to life, quite possibly better than he achieved with ABERRANT (which is hard to beat). From the panel layout to the angles of the shots and the background work, Davi really shines in THE PEACEKEEPERS. I’d buy this book for his illustrations alone. Colors: As much as Davi’s linework impresses me, Iwan brings it home with his colorwork. He provides such depth to the characters and scenery, while also producing the ambient temperature for each panel. The feelings you should experience while reading? The mood of the characters in any given scene? Triyono masters the emotions with his intelligent choices. And if you’ve read ABERRANT, you know the almost symbiotic relationship the colorist has with his partner-in-art (that’s a thing, right?). Beautiful work from cover to cover, I want Iwan on more projects! Letters: What can I say about HdE that I haven’t said in any review featuring his work? This is a top-notch letterer who cranks out gem after gem. I was thoroughly excited when I saw he was nominated for a Ringo Award this year. A comic creator that definitely deserves the recognition and a major asset to any project. I’m pulling for you this weekend at the Ringo Awards, HdE. Best of luck!

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

THE PEACEKEEPERS is going to kick(start) the comic book industry and make everyone on the indie scene step up their game. This is some next-level s*** that is destined to be snagged by Hollywood. The theatrical feel, the brilliant delivery, the character development, and the remarkable comic book experience you’ll get – THE PEACEKEEPERS is going to make a lot of new fans, impress current fans, and is destined for a lot more than we can possibly know. You want greatness, look no further.

PopCultHQ’s Rating:

5 Out of 5 Stars

THE PEACEKEEPERS #1 & #2 is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

And don’t miss PopCultHQ’s livestream with Rylend Grant tonight – Monday, October 19th! We will be chatting with the creator to discuss the first day of the campaign and more on THE PEACEKEEPERS. We will also be joined by a number of comic creators popping into the livestream – David Avallone (BETTIE PAGE, THE SHAPE OF ELVIRA), David Pepose (SPENCER & LOCKE, THE O.Z.), Steven Prince (MONSTER MATADOR), Christie Shinn (DEMON BITCH), Don Nguyen (PABLO THE GORILLA, DANGER ARCADE), Karla Nappi (DUPLICANT), and David Booher (CANTO)! PLUS!!! We will be giving away free comics – PopCultHQ’s exclusive BANJAX #1 “Demon in a Bottle” homage variant and CANTO II: The Hollow Men #1 & #2 (both the SOLD OUT IDW exclusives for NYCC Metaverse 2020)! It all kicks off at 6pm PT/9pm ET at PopCultHQ’s Facebook page!

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Writer – Rylend Grant `
` ` ` ` Artist – Davi Leon Dias `
` ` ` Colorist – Iwan Joko Triyono ` ` ` ` ` Letterer – HdE ` ` ` ` ` Publisher – Half Evil Comics
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