15 Fantastic Superhero Pumpkin Carving Designs for Halloween

Pumpkin carving

Instead of going for the standard jack-o-lantern, ghost, witch, or cat on your pumpkin, why not go for something a little different this year? We were going to run around on the internet and pull together some of our favorite superheroes templates for your pumpkin, but we found that we didn’t have far to go. Pumpkinpile.com has a ton of great templates you can download for free.

We’ve got a few of them here to show you.


pdf available at https://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/wolverine.pdf

Iron Man

pdf available at https://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/iron_man_face.pdf


pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/spiderman.pdf

Spider-Man Symbol

pdf available at https://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/spidermansymbol.pdf

Superman Symbol

pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/supermansymbol.pdf

Wonder Woman

pdf available at https://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/wonder_woman.pdf

Wonder Woman Logo

pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/Wonder_Woman_Logo.pdf

Lego Batman

pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/Lego_Batman.pdf


pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/batman.pdf

Batman Symbol

pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/batmansymbol.pdf

Captain America’s Shield

pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/captainamericashield.pdf


pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/Flash_Logo.pdf

Avengers Symbol

pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/avengers_logo.pdf

Incredible Hulk

pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/hulk_face.pdf

Thor’s Hammer

pdf available at http://www.pumpkinpile.com/assets/thor_hammer.pdf

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