Build-a-Bear Cuddly Scares

Build-a-Bear is always on board with the latest seasons and for Halloween they have made no exceptions. You can always play dress-up and pick up a new outfit for your favorite stuffed animal so they can trick-or-treat or you can grab a brand new one from their 2020 collection.

Pumpkin Glow Bear – $25.50

The original Pumpkin Glow Bear debuted in 2018 and reappears every year. This orange bear has a jack-o’-lantern face that lights-up. This year they revised him with a new friendlier face, Halloween patterned foot-pads, and new fuzzy fur. He is only available in store.

Frankenstein – $45

This classic Halloween monster is a favorite of horror movies, but no one will be scared of this adorably cuddly version. Fuzzy black hair and plush over-sized neck bolts make him hard to resist. He is only available online.

Bride of Frankenstein – $45

Frankenstein is not complete without his bride, so it is only fair that we bring his bride in for you to admire. You can’t get her at the store, she is available online only.

Check out the rest of the line in their Halloween collection.

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