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The Best Strategy Games of 2020

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Strategy games have been a fan favorite genre for many years now. Whether it be Age of Empires, Starcraft, League of Legends, or Dawn of the Ancients, gaming fans have had a soft spot for most, if not all of them.

Strategy games definitely set themselves apart as players require real skill, being able to think ahead and plan, as well as know when to sit back and when to attack, which all culminates into a win. These are the best strategy games of 2020.

Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

The Battlestar Galactica franchise has been a firm favorite with sci-fi nerds for decades, and Deadlock takes the experience to PC’s. The turn based game puts you in charge of an entire colonial fleet, as you are thrust into battle during the first Cylon war.

If Battlestar, or even Sci-fi is your thing, this game is for you. The turn-based style adds an element of major forward thinking, and the game feels more like a chess battle then an all out war.

Gears Tactics

Another huge franchise that has turned into a strategy game is Gears of War. The original games already required a level of skill to master, but this title goes even deeper. Another turn based game which puts you on the frontlines in the fight against the Locust.

The game features everything from action points, to travel lines, range cones, and the ability to obtain new recruits. Think of Metal Gear Solid, but with that Gears of War edge that you know and love.

Offworld Trading Company

Offworld Trading Company is a city builder/city management game where you are tasked with becoming the most successful city on Mars. You aren’t armed with weapons and tanks to defeat your enemy, but rather resources and gold.

You gain success by taking over business and having the edge over your competitors. Even though there is no war and fighting, this game turns economic strategy into war, where only the most ruthless end up on top.


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XCOM 2 sees you take control of a group of 6 soldiers looking to defeat and overthrow an alien regime. Another turn based strategy game, XCOM will have you use covert missions, guerilla tactics and secretive espionage to win.

Considered one of the best strategy games made, XCOM has fighting, strategy, and excitement, teamed with the need for the player to plan properly, find the best possible routes, and use the abilities at their disposal to complete each mission successfully.

XCOM Chimera Squad

The XCOM game series isn’t for the faint of heart or players who want instant results. They take time, patience, and a lot of big-brain thinking. However, Chimera Squad is a title in the series for those who want the same experience, but a more toned down and calm version.

In Chimera Squad, you only have the one city to protect, you are also given a squad of pre-build characters, as well as having a more forgiving combat strategy. It doesn’t have the same edgy punch and violence as the main games, but it is still a more than suitable title to get into the series with.

Anno 1800

The Anno series is most definitely one of the most detailed city building and city management games. Having to ensure everything from your economy and citizens’ happiness is taken care of, as well as defending your city from attackers, defeating disease and the like, it is non-stop action.

Ano 1800 is set during the dawn of the fast-moving industrial revolution. You decide if you want to be a massive production city, or a smaller trading hub, try to be environmentally friendly, or do whatever it takes to be the biggest and the best. The choice is yours, either way, Anno 1800 won’t disappoint.


Frostpunk is without doubt the best game in the survival city builder genre. Where other city management games want you to thrive, you need to work every day to just survive in Frostpunk. Set on a version of Earth covered in snow and ice, keeping warm and keeping alive is the only mission.

You need to keep the fires going, keep your citizens fed and healthy, and help new citizens who arrive. In other games where disaster can be avoided, disaster is only a few steps away in Frostpunk, and you have to use the very little at your disposal to avoid it.

Cities: Skylines

Another highly popular city builder and management game, Skylines requires players to do just that, build a fully functional city, with roads, houses, stop lights, hospitals and everything a citizen will need.

Once again, the level of management is extraordinary, you have to account for space needed for roads, housing needs, where do the fire stations go, the list goes on and on. There is never a time to just sit back when you have to run an entire city.

Some of these games are new, some may be a bit old, but they are still incredibly fun and are still must plays for anyone who is a fan of strategy games, turn based games, management games, or survival games. There is something for everyone.

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