[Ad] Cosplay as a Creative Outlet for Students

cosplay as a creative outlet

People use “cosplay” when referring to the process of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, game, etc. Many people, including modern youth, find cosplay as a creative outlet that helps them express their creative power and passion for a particular character or commercial.

This is Why Students Like Dressing Up

Let’s be honest: students do many things. They dye their hair pink and blue, use weird words that most teachers don’t understand, and get kind of crazy whenever they want. And oftentimes, they seek college coursework help to get their assignments done faster so that they can put on colored contact lenses, wear vampire fake teeth, put on a black coat and ask to be taken to a costume convention.

Of course, costume play is much more than just dressing up for Halloween celebrations. For students, it is all about passion. They do it for the same reason that adults put on team merchandise and go to a hokey or baseball game: they do it simply because they want to celebrate what they really like – in this case, we deal with characters from films, TV shows, games, comics, and so forth. They don’t just wear costumes. They behave and pose as their characters – if their characters are creepy, they are creepy; if their characters are funny, they are funny.

There are even those who sooner or later decide to take their hobby to the next level and become professionals in this field: they cosplay for advertising materials or start a business by selling prints of themselves in action. Nevertheless, for the vast majority of students, it is all about pursuing a creative outlet.

Common Reasons Why Students Cosplay

Many students see cosplay as something more than just a creative outlet: they believe that dressing up helps them become more confident, make new friends, and simply discover their true “self”. Below, there are the main reasons why most students cosplay and host relevant meetups regularly:

Cosplay makes people happy

Students feel happy dressing up, yet they feel even happier entertaining others. Finding people from different parts of the globe and doing the same thing together is uniting.

It never goes out of style

Cosplay is always in trend. It helps students meet like-minded people and make new friends. It is a hobby for all, no matter gender, age, and profession. Students claim that dressing up makes them develop new skills and always exercise their creativity. Boys and girls celebrate their favorites and have fun playing different characters all the time.

It is an extension of many students’ field of study

Students involved in theater admit that it is great having a hobby that intertwines with their field of study. They claim that costume playing helps them stay in good shape for their study. Many boys and girls also see it as a great way to connect with other students.

It gives youth a chance to be someone else

Students never miss on a chance to become someone else for at least one day to forget about their stressful school days along with all negative things that may go on in their life. Moreover, many admit that costume play helps them deal with their anxiety and depression better. By escaping into their favorites and entertaining others, students can reduce their stress levels easily.

How Adults Can Support Cosplaying Students

There is no better way of supporting cosplaying students than to let them do what they like. From helping boys and girls to sew their costumes and picking accessories, teachers and parents can join them on their journey. By doing so, adults will not only get a better understanding of what youth is involved in and who hangs out with them, but also what they put on to appear in public.

Needless to say, adults shouldn’t dictate teens what to wear even if they are going to celebrate the same character. Fortunately, there are numerous variations of the same costume so that all people can find a suitable one for themselves.

Before going to any convention, it is important to read the policies attentively. The latter usually list everything from allowed weapons to appropriate behavior. Besides, many unfamiliar people will want to take a picture of the kids, and while most of these people are ordinary fans, teens must know how to be safe around strangers. Finally, students don’t necessarily have to attend conventions all alone. While adults don’t have to accompany them all the time, they can be there for a while to express their support and show that they care.

Overall, costume play is a way for modern youth to make new friends of like interests. Many students claim that some of their best friends are people that they met when performed. Moreover, they admit that cosplay allows them to express themselves what has nothing to do with matching other people’s expectations and is a great way to exercise their creativity all the time.