How Pop Culture Has Influenced the Modern Casino – and Vice Versa!

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The concept of pop culture is infinitely fluid, especially in these globalized times. Trends on one side of the world can travel thousands of miles to influence the scene somewhere completely different.

Culture also moves between entertainment sectors, with video games being made into films and films into video games. Some of the biggest film franchises of all time, like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, started out as books, while musicians and artists often transcend their industry to become multimedia megastars.

But in this article, we will explore a lesser-known transfer between entertainment sectors, and specifically the influence that the modern casino wields over broader pop culture. We will examine the trends that have out-grown the poker table to impact other aspects of life, while also identifying the aspects the world of casino gaming has taken from other media.

Shaken, not stirred

Where casino culture is concerned, it’s hard to look past James Bond. Dressed in his trademark tuxedo, Bond’s reputation as a high roller at the Bacccarat table is well-established. And this has delivered benefits at both sides of the spectrum.

The casino provides a glamorous backdrop for key scenes in 007’s films, while the industry itself benefits hugely from its association with the suave action hero. It’s truly an arrangement with mutual cultural pay-offs.

But the casino theme is utilized throughout the world of cinema and TV, lending itself to scenes of tension and excitement, with the drama of a game of poker or blackjack often borrowed to illustrate a particular pivotal moment in a plot. In particular, the connotations of ‘stick or twist?’ in a game of Blackjack are much broader than the game itself.

And of course, the city of Las Vegas is completely synonymous with the world of casino gambling, with its bright lights, major sporting events and concerts helping to further glamourize the industry. And with so much wealth in the city, it’s the perfect spot for marquee events featuring A-list sportspeople and celebrities.


A blank canvas

While many casino games feature a traditional aesthetic, a growing number are being utilized as a blank canvas for stories to be built on. Slots games in particular are given a life of their own – whether that’s through an Egyptian theme, a splash of Irish charm or a franchise borrowed from the world of television.

Top quiz shows like Deal or No Deal have been adapted to create casino games, with movie classics like Rocky and iconic video games like Street Fighter also providing inspiration for games that appeal to more than just your established casino player.

Many iGaming platforms utilize a range of themes in their games’ designs. If you check them out yourself you will very quickly understand how influential broader pop culture is in the development of online casinos

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In today’s globalized economy, where culture and entertainment can be transmitted worldwide in a millisecond, it’s no surprise that the pop culture lines are becoming blurred. And there are fewer better examples of that trend in action than in the world of online casino gaming.