What Will Augmented Reality Gambling Games Look Like on Mobile?

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Man Using VR Goggles
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Ever since Niantic’s Pokémon Go took the world by storm in 2016 and made over $100 million in its first 20 days, it was clear that the next big technological development would be augmented reality. The incredible innovation enabled players to observe their surroundings through their mobile screen and, in this view, Pokémon would appear to be occupying the environment. The success of this revolutionary game has led other developers to think of ways to implement the technology, and it will almost certainly be used by online casinos.

Table Games Could be the First to be Enhanced

Table games are what most people associate with casinos, as games like roulette and blackjack have long been at the forefront of popular culture. Naturally, these were the first offerings to be digitalised when online casinos first came into existence. Now, when players play roulette online at Betfair, they are faced with state-of-the-art options like Speed Bets Roulette and Live Lightning Roulette. From looking at the page, it is clear that diversity is key, as there are multiple options to choose from.

Introducing AR versions of table games like roulette, therefore, would add to the abundance of choice available to players. But how would it work? If developers used the same technology as Pokémon Go, players would be able to hold their mobile screen in front of them and see a roulette wheel juxtaposed on their surroundings. This would allow the viewer to see what was going on in the game, but also be aware of what was happening around them.  

What Would AR Slots look like?

Slot games have always evolved alongside new technology, resulting in games today which look wildly different to their ancestors from 100 years ago. For this reason, it would be fair to assume that slot developers will be investigating and brainstorming ways that AR could be used to take the genre to the next stage. NetEnt and a few other companies have already begun to create virtual reality offerings, which put players in front of reels within a virtual world. This same idea could be done with AR, allowing players to see the reels in the real world.

Using the same concept as Pokémon Go which uses reality blending, AR slots could allow players to hold their phone screen in front of their face so it shows the camera view of the world around them. Then, symbols on reels would appear and start spinning, with the visuals of wherever the player happened to be in the background.

Online casinos could take this one step further and introduce a Pokémon Go-style adventure aspect to the games, in which players have to walk around hunting down special bonuses. Indeed, the type of slot that the player finds themselves facing could adapt based on their surroundings. The possibilities for this really are endless.

Augmented reality gambling games may be a way off, as most developers seem to see VR as the point of primary focus at the current time. When they do come about, however, they may take inspiration from Pokémon Go. Alternatively, the technology may have advanced to such an extent that it allows for more impressive and imaginative ways to play.