The legendary rock bands that have been honoured with branded casino slot games

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Rock ‘n’ roll music has long been one of the most popular musical styles on the planet. With millions of fans around the world and countless records sold, it is little surprise that some of the most popular bands have chosen to cash in with branded content and exciting collaborations. One frequent link-up has been between rock bands and online casinos in the form of slot games – check out which bands have their very own slot game below.


Gene Simmons and co. are no strangers to brand merchandise, and the legendary rockers were one of the first bands to be celebrated with a dedicated slot game. Kiss are credited as being one of the early pioneers of band merchandise, and casino games are by no means one of the stranger collaborations the band has been involved with. Official Kiss merchandise items in the past have included condoms, lunchboxes, and even a ‘Kiss Kasket’ according to this article at Yes, really.


The English rockers are another legendary band to have received the slot game treatment. Unsurprisingly, the Ace of Spades is one of the best symbols you can score on this slot. The arrival of games like Motorhead demonstrates how gambling has changed in recent years, though traditional casino games like blackjack and roulette are still popular online at sites such as

Rolling Stones

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It is no surprise to see the Rolling Stones on this list. Having enjoyed a glittering career that has spanned almost six decades with millions of records sold, there probably isn’t another band on the planet more deserving of a celebration. A slot game that has reportedly been very popular in Las Vegas, the distinctive red tongue used in Rolling Stones artwork plays a key role in this game. Hopefully you can get some satisfaction when playing this one.

Guns ‘n’ Roses

The ‘Paradise City’ stars are another musical act that feature in a popular online slot game. A unique proposition in comparison to some of the other entries, the setting for this slot game is a virtual concert, where the aim of the game is to put on the show of a lifetime. Each spin will either improve or impair the gig, with ‘crowd-pleaser bonuses’ one of the prizes on offer. The game also features a rocking set-list with five of Guns ‘n’ Roses’ best songs – although if that’s not enough, more can be found when you tune into playlists like

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Jimi Hendrix

A cultural phenomenon, the popularity of Jimi Hendrix has endured for decades. The Jimi Hendrix online slot has outstanding cartoon-style artwork and appears to take place on a different planet. An exciting game with an £80,000 jackpot on offer, it is little surprise that so many have chosen to give this slot a go.


Rock bands mean so much to so many people, and it is inevitable that the very biggest names in rock were going to choose to cash in on their popularity. Slot games may not be for everyone, but it could be tempting if you are partial to a flutter and a big fan of any of the acts mentioned.