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Today in Geek History – July 26

by April Carvelli
Today in Geek History - July 26
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Geeky tidbits that we find interesting and hope you will too.

If you have other fun or geeky facts you want us to add, let us know in the comments below.

1835 – First sugar cane plantation started in Hawaii
1951 – Walt Disney’s 13th animated film, Alice in Wonderland, premieres in London, England, United Kingdom.
1952 – Mickey Mantle hits his first grand-slammer
1990 – Americans with Disabilities Act comes into effect


1. All geeky facts have been verified to the best of our ability. If we have an incorrect fact, please let us know.

2. All images are public domain or fair use. If any image is in violation, please let us know immediately.

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