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[Video] Last Night on CONAN (7/21/20): Patton Oswalt

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the
best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, July 21st,
Conan welcomed Patton Oswalt!

Conan Found A Prop Backstage At Largo

According to Conan, there’s nothing more demeaning to a comic than the sound of
one person clapping – and thanks to Andy Richter, tonight’s episode has plenty of that.

Unnecessary COVID-19 Graphs: Morning Lasagna Edition

These charts show a 60% increase in people eating morning lasagna
and a 7000% increase in Americans Googling “Canadian citizenship.”

“Conan Without Borders” Is Now Available On HBO Max

Many of Conan’s travel specials, including his trips to Ghana,
Greenland, and Australia are now streaming on HBO Max.

Patton Oswalt Met His Late Wife At The Largo

Patton remembers meeting his late wife,
Michelle McNamara, at the historic L.A. comedy theater.

Patton Oswalt & Conan Miss Their Hair & Makeup Teams

Life in quarantine has given Conan and Patton a
newfound appreciation for their hair and makeup teams.

Patton Oswalt Is Calling His Next Special “Rambles, Groans”

If there are two words that describe 2020 for Patton it’s “rambles, groans.”
PLUS: Patton recommends a few excellently closed captioned Steven Seagal movies.

Patton Oswalt’s Daughter Is Really Into “The Matrix”

Patton recently introduced his daughter to a few of the movies he
grew up with like “Groundhog Day,” “Raising Arizona,” and “The Matrix.”

Patton Oswalt Thinks A Gen X Temper Tantrum Is Coming

Patton thinks his generation’s temper tantrum will consist of electing
either Eddie Vedder or Janeane Garofalo as President of the United States.

#CONAN: Patton Oswalt Full Interview

Patton talks to Conan about closed-captioned Steven Seagal movies,
his late wife Michelle McNamara, and “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark.”


Atsuko Okatsuka on The Three Questions with Andy Richter

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