Vaping as Part of Pop Culture: What People Should Know

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Pop culture refers to an always-evolving culture that values popular trends in current society. Today, social media, streaming services, and broadcast media all promote pop culture. Well, there are many trends in the current world, and vaping is one of them today.

There is no doubt that young adults are being influenced to join the trend by numerous factors such as peer pressure and celebrity influence. If you want to understand vaping as part of pop culture, you have to look at the typical ways it is promoted. That said, let us examine the vaping trends in the modern world.

Vaping Among Celebrities

There are millions of people who are seeking to imitate celebrities’ lifestyles. Since Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Katy Perry switched from smoking to vaping, numerous people have been influenced to follow suit. According to studies, the number of adults who turn to vaping as a smoking alternative is increasing by the day.

This move is largely attributed to the influence of many celebrities who are no longer seen enjoying conventional cigars but fancy e-cigars, e-hookahs, and vape mods. Some experts argue that numerous celebrities are paid to promote vaping trends just as they promoted the tobacco industry in the 80s and 90s. However, there are many celebrities who vape because they find the habit enjoyable and cool.

Vaping Among Teens

The number of teen vapers is growing tremendously. This raises the question of whether they understand the health effects or not. Unfortunately, many of them do it to have fun just like their friends. College students are greatly influenced by their fellow students. However, experts agree that vaping has milder effects than smoking and that it is a better alternative.

The majority of young adults who buy vape accessories and devices at ePuffer can confirm that they were recommended by their friends. Teens love to vape in groups and enjoy various tricks such as the dragon, ghost hit, and big Os among others.

Vaping in Clubs and Restaurants

Clubs and restaurants have now become the favorite vaping joints for many people. Both young and old gather here to enjoy their favorite flavors, show off their fancy vape mods, and perform tricks such as the ones we have mentioned below as they catch up. This is a deep and important part of vaping pop culture.

Celebrities also join these groups to have fun together especially over the weekend. Although vaping is sometimes not allowed in public, it has become a norm in these places.

Vaping on Social Media

Today, people want to share their experiences on social media before they even get a chance to let people who are close to them know. When you start vaping, purchase a new device, or discover a new vaping trick, the first people to know are your social media friends and followers.

Expert vapers center their social media lives on vaping activities. They even teach people how to vape, buy the best accessories, clean their devices, and enjoy the best tricks.

In addition to social media platforms, vaping as part of pop culture is strongly promoted on streaming media such as YouTube. People want to have channels to show the world how much they enjoy vaping.

Vaping at Weddings

Have you heard of vaping weddings? You probably have. It is now part of pop culture for couples to incorporate vaping in their wedding theme. This is all for the camera, and even many who do not vape try it for the first time here.

Final Word

Vaping as part of pop culture is evident in many ways. We have shared insights about how it is promoted among young adults, celebrities, and social media users among others. Now that you know more about the subject, you will likely notice the trend even more.

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