[Cosplay] A Look Back at Senshi Con 2016

A look back at Cosplay in 2016

Senshi Con 2016

More than halfway into the year and things really aren’t improving. I don’t think we can expect to see many cosplay conventions this year, but we can look back on some events of the past and enjoy the cosplay.

One convention location that no one really thinks about is Alaska, but Senshi Con has been an annual event in Anchorage, Alaska since 2005.

David Ngo was there and was gracious enough to let us use his photos. He is a convention photographer that travels all over the place to conventions across North America as a photographer. He has taken some of the best cosplay photos around; you’ve probably seen his watermark, dtjaaaam.

This is only a portion of his photos and they are much lower quality. To see all of his photos in full quality, hit up his Facebook page or photo gallery.

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