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If truth be known, the casino, whichever form you try, cannot be beaten because they have so many different levels of protection on them now.  This is not only to prevent you from being able to cheat but also to protect the casinos themselves.  From specialised chips to Random Number Generators (RNG) to security measures, there are many ways that casinos are assisted, but this has not always been the case.  So what have been interesting methods in which people have cheated and been able to beat the casino in the past? Read ahead to learn more or check out Dreamjackpot.com today.

Basic Slot Cheat

The most basic of cheating methods used in hundreds of traditional casinos around the world over the years has been that of the coin on a string method.  This involved dishonest players using only one coin but being able to sit and play a slot game for hours at a time.  They attached a piece of string to the coin of their choice and inserted it into the machine.  One the coin had been registered and have tripped the correct mechanism, the unsavoury player would pull the coin back out of the slot machine, ready to use it again. Although many casinos have cotton-ed (!) on to this method of playing, not all casinos have been able to afford to remove this style of slots machine and update them to the chip machine.  This means that there are still plenty of places around the world where the coin on a string method is, sadly, in play. 

Spooning the Winnings

Before slots machines printed off winnings on to tickets, they actually paid out the money won directly to the player themselves.  But as with most concepts, players found a way to increase their winnings.  There is a slide in these slot machines where the winnings fall down, though not all of the money that you win is always cashed out.  But some clever player worked out that the entrance to this slide could be wedged open with a metal spoon and this meant that not only your winnings, but every penny that fell, and more, could land in your pocket.  In fact, there have been occasions when slot machines have been known to drop absolutely all of the coins that they have been known to hold due to this spoon wedging hack! 

Magnetic Machines

During the 60s and 70s, the slot machines of this time had absolutely no protection from a magnetic being held up to it.  When this was the case, the reels could be made to spin and stopped in exactly the correct position to create winning combinations.  This meant that a player with a magnet could continually create winning sequences and therefore, continuously win.  Now though, slot machines do not work in this method and are controlled solely by the use of a Random Number Generator that creates a random code to decide as to whether you win or not.  Machines have since been prevented from being distracted by an external magnetic field because of the frequency that this dishonest trick was used!

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