[Cosplay] A Look Back at the 2015 DC Comics World Record Cosplay Event

A look back at Cosplay in 2015

DC Guiness Records 2015 Flashback

Back in 2015 when PopCultHQ started, we didn’t cover a lot of cosplay events, but we captured a few of them. We thought it would be cool to take a look back at a few of these older events and the cosplay at them.

April 18, 2015, was the day that DC Superheroes gathered around the world to get their names into the Guinness Book of World Records for the “greatest number of people dressed as DC Comics Superheroes held at multiple venues within a 24-hour period, at events which have been set up by the same organization.” The event kicked off in Australia and thousands of fans took part in the events across the world.

In Illinois, several superheroes (and a few well-behaved villains) gathered in Plano to see if they could boost those numbers.