[Ad] Online slots: A hobby or an addiction?

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If you’re looking for a relaxing hobby that is also exciting and offers great scope, online slots could be it. Yes, you do need to pay, but then, you need to pay for most hobbies. If you’re attending a class, going to the gym, need equipment, or anything else, you’re going to be paying. If you think of the money you spend on online slots at Slots Racer as a fee that you have to pay in order to play, you’ll see how it makes sense; have a budget and don’t go above it, and you can really enjoy the games on offer. 

However, some people do have more addictive personalities, and their hobby of online slots can quickly become an addiction. Addictions are bad news. They destroy lives, whether it’s through decimating finances, ruining relationships, or even making your health poor through stress. If you think you or a loved one might be becoming addicted to online slots, there are some signs to look out for. 

·       Hiding your playing

If you find that you are hiding the fact you’re playing online slots, and feeling guilty if someone questions you about it, you might have an addiction, especially if you’re lying to people to stop them from finding out about your ‘hobby’. It’s even more of an issue if you’ve told people you’re not playing anymore and you continue to do so in secret. 

·       Borrowing extra money

Someone who plays online slots for a hobby won’t have to keep finding more and more money to keep playing. They’ll have a set budget per week or month, and they won’t go beyond it. Someone with an addiction will use up their budget, and then pay more. When there’s nothing left to play with, they’ll look at borrowing money, either from friends and family or from banks or other lenders. 

·       Minimising the problem

Are you consciously lying about how much you’re playing or how much you’re spending? When you have to make up a story to minimise the impact online slots are having in your life, you have an addiction and a problem. 

How To Know You Have An Addiction

There are certain signs that, as well as the above signs that other people might notice, you may have spotted in your own behaviour. These include: 

·       Tolerance

Just like with a drug, when you first start you don’t need a lot to get you ‘high’. However, the more you play, the less you’ll feel that gamblers’ rush and the more you’ll need to wager to make it fun again. 

·       Withdrawal

If you feel uncomfortable, even irritable and angry, when you’re not able to play online slots, you could be suffering from withdrawal, and you’ll only suffer from withdrawal if you were/are addicted in the first place. 

·       Loss of control

Addicts may want to stop playing online slots because they can see how badly it is affecting them and the people around them, but they are unable to. Essentially, they have lost any control they might have had. 

·       Chasing losses

Gambling should never be about trying to win back money you’ve lost. You need to go into the game – whatever it might be, including online slots – assuming you’re going to lose the money you paid in; call it an entry fee if that helps. If you do win, that’s a great bonus, but don’t expect it. If you lose and then start chasing those losses, aiming to win big to make it all back again it would seem that you’re addicted. And chasing losses only leads to bigger losses most of the time.