[Conventions] Wish You Were Here – April 16-19

A look at events that were supposed to happen, but didn't

Wish you were here

By now, we are all sick of staying home. There were things we wanted to do, people we wanted to see. For some of us, we had things planned months in advance that have fallen down the drain.

Today, we are going to remind you of what you have missed this weekend in the convention world.


MegaCon is a big one from this weekend, but don’t worry it has been rescheduled to run June 4-7. We just have to hope and pray that it is still on. In the meantime, here are some photos from last year..

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Supernatural Official Convention

Creation Entertainment originally had a Supernatural event scheduled in Nashville that they have moved to August 14-26.

No Brand Con

No Brand Con in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin has moved to August 21-22. We did some coverage in 2018 thanks to Kevin Lillard.

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El Paso Comic Con

I bet you couldn’t guess that it was held in El Paso, TX? Well, it has been rescheduled to October 2-4, and we have 2018 coverage thanks to ME Photography 

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Sci Fi on the Rock

This has been rescheduled to September 4-6 and is held annually in St. John’s, Newfoundland (Canada).

Sci-Fi on the Rock


This event in Roswell, GA has been cancelled and hopefully returns next year

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Steel City Con

This convention has been rescheduled to June 12-14, though I’m not so certain it will happen then either. In the meantime, check out these 2017 shots by Rick Berkey. You can also see more in our article.

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Green Bay Comic Con

This is another event that may need a second rescheduling as it was moved to May 30. This is a small comic book-based event put on by EP Guides.

Ironfest Gothic

This Australian Goth based event was to be held in Lithgow, but unfortunately had to cancel this year. They instead chose to hold a virtual event.

Ironfest Gothic

Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo

Huntsville, AL has postponed their event until July 18-19. We have 2017 coverage thanks to Gabrielle Blevins.

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Geequinox in Halifax, Nova Scotia has moved to July 25-26



This MineCraft based event has had to cancel a few of their events. Head over to their page to see what they have rescheduled and where.


Eastern Rim Funny Book & Vintage Comic

A comic book-based event in Baytown, TX that has moved themselves to September 26-27.

eastern Rim Funny Book

Rockford Comic Book Convention

This is another event that may need a second rescheduling as it was moved to May 31. This is a small comic book-based event put on by EP Guides.

Jersey Toy Show

Held in Manasquan, NJ, this toy-based show has rescheduled to July 26.

Collectors Con

A Missisauga, Ontario event that was rescheduled to September 6.

To see what conventions are coming to your area, be sure to check out our Cosplay Convention List or to see what other cancellations are out there go to our List of Events changed due to COVID-19.

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