Best comics every student should read

Best Comics every student should read

These days, most of the comic book properties are being transformed into television series and movies. It is easy to get overwhelmed with a tv series or film, but it takes time to read a comic. If you get to know the benefits of reading comic books, you will surely spare time every single day to read a couple of pages. It’s safe to say that reading a book is more engaging and better than spending hours on television or watching a movie based on a comic book. This is because books provide us with a lot more information that might not be present on television series or in movies. Dozens of comics are written and new authors try to give their best to the target audience or readers. They not only provide useful information but also intend to entertain their readers in the best possible ways. If you have decided to read a comic book or two, then we suggest you try any of these options.

V for Vendetta

This comic was originally published in 1982. Since then, it has been adapted into a motion picture, which was released in 2005. Also, the comic book has served as a symbol of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It can be regarded as a perfect combination of 1984 and Batman. While looking for an essay writing service, you will get sufficient time to read this interesting comic book. The main character is V, who is best known for wearing a now-iconic Guy Fawkes mask. It actually sheds light on different problems of society, and the writer has brought sharp conversations to prove his viewpoint.

Young Avengers

It is one of the best comics for young people or teenagers. The Young Avengers is a team of fictional superheroes who have appeared in various films and American comic books. Marvel Comics has published this series of comic books, and it features many adolescent characters. All of these characters are connected to well-established members of Marvel’s superhero team. This team is popular among young people and is praised for its courage and bravery. The best series are the Children’s Crusade and the Civil War. You can read this comic book or give it as a gift to your child. He will surely find those characters inspiring and wonderful.


Watchmen has been written by Alan Moore, and the name of its artist is Dave Gibbons. If you have watched the film titled Watchmen, which was released in 2009, let us tell you that the story of this comic book is as interesting as the movie was. This 12-issue series was launched in 1986 by Alan Moore. Dave and Alan, in those days, had no idea that this comic book series would get this much success and fame. According to a reliable writing service, the story is a little bold, brutal and complex, but it has managed to grab the attention of many readers worldwide.

The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is one of the very good comics to read. Its writer and artist is Frank Miller. This comic was unleashed in 1986. In this comic book, you can find Adam West doing the Batusi dance in cheap gray pajamas. You may not be able to see him, but you can feel the way he enjoys and dances on the floor. Furthermore, the book has Bruce Wayne, who can be found getting retired from the Batman years before superheroes were actually outlawed. Overall, it is a nice read. You can buy the book from any online store or bring home a hard copy from a nearby bookshop.


If you are fond of reading education comics, then this is the best option for you. It has been presented by Art Spiegelman. If you are a bookworm or are someone who frequently reads comic books, you must have an idea that Art’s Holocaust comics are just outclass and simply the best.

Platform recommends this graphic novel that is based on a true story. Maus is the story of Spiegelman’s father, who was a Polish Jew and a camp survivor. It takes place during World War II. The novel gained quick popularity, thanks to its wonderful and unique story for bringing it to the peaks of success. It has so many Jewish characters, portrayed as mice. Other interesting characters are Germans, British, Polish and Americans. These have been portrayed as cats, dolphins, pigs, and dogs respectively.

Best Comics every student should read

In conclusion, we have to admit that all of these are the best comic book stories. It does not matter if you study in high school, college or university, you can always spare time to read all or one of these comic books. It would be great to share them or suggest these titles to your friends and siblings so that they can also have a good pastime.