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Cosplay Photos: Albuquerque Comic Con 2020

by April Carvelli
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Albuquerque Comic Con feature
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The Albuquerque Comic Con was held at the Albuquerque Convention Center over the weekend of January 17th. Comic book fans, film buffs, and gamers came out to celebrate.

This event had something for everyone. Guests included artists, animators, voice actors, and actors from both the big and small screens. No matter your fandom, there was a face or name you would recognize.

One unique thing that the Albuquerque convention does is invite a child guest to join in the celebrity area. Each year they ask for suggestions for a local family whose child is fighting cancer. They place the child guest in the celebrity area and provide vendor and celebrity donations that are auctioned off. The family keeps all the money to help with the costs of treatments.

This year’s hero is 4-year-old Rhyker Jackson Billy.

Rhyker Jackson Billy

This year, Mr. Edward Yee attended the convention and took some great photos which he graciously allowed us to use.

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