Catch the Thriller ‘Fractured’ on Netflix

Fractured, which was directed by thriller expert Brad Anderson, was released September 2019 and is available for thriller fans to watch on Netflix. Pulling the wool over audience’s eyes is becoming much more difficult for filmmakers to do. Fans expect there to be plot twists and turns and can often work them out.

Sam Worthington photo by Eva Rinaldi

Fractured received mixed reviews in this respect. Whilst the audience shouldn’t be expecting a rollercoaster of emotions and twists and turns, Fractured does offer an easy-watch film that provides tension and a little confusion. Watch the official trailer and get a taste of the film.

Sam Worthington plays Ray, who is travelling back with his wife Joanne, played by Lily Rabe, and daughter Peri, who is played by Lucy Capri. The small family are coming back from a disastrous family Thanksgiving and the journey is tense. From the beginning it’s clear to see that Ray and Lily are having problems in their marriage. Ray finds himself struggling with his past as an alcoholic, but also struggling with his current failures as a husband and a father. The family then pull in for a restroom stop along their drive and Peri encounters a stray dog, which leads her to fall into a construction site. Her worried parents rush her to the nearest hospital, but Ray starts to get bad feelings about the place.

In the spooky hospital, Peri and Joanne, go off to the bottom floor of the hospital to have a scan. Ray falls asleep and wakes up hours later to find his wife and child are missing. There seems to be no record of them in the hospital at all. The plot from there has the audience guessing between who is telling the truth, the hospital or the narrator?

Ray struggles to do everything he can to find his family, and despite being a truly loveable character, he is still a little bit of an unreliable narrator, as the plot thickens and the audience learn more about him. But then again, the hospital could be committing darker crimes than the old run-of-the-mill hospital, after all, they stumbled across a remote place where shifting goings-on could be happening.

Fractured is definitely watchable and provides an element of mystery and surprise, due to some unexpected directorial choices and the plot itself. However, viewer’s familiar with Brad Anderson’s work, and indeed the genre thrillers, might spend more of their time wondering which plot twist the film will end with, as opposed to where is this going. It is true that Fractured offers nothing new to the thriller genre table, however it does provide a little thrill and excitement throughout, so grab your remote, turn on Netflix, and turn up your sound bar. Along with high quality sound, we also suggest you turn down the lights and grab yourself some movie snacks.

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