Famous Celebrities Who Love Bingo Games

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Bingo is increasing in its popularity with every single year. This has been helped enormously by the ease of which it can be played with the mobile sites and apps being created to promote this. It is a simple game to play with many reasons why players love to participate in playing. From students right up to the elderly, there’s a place for everyone when it comes to playing Bingo. But guess who else loves to play?

Celebrities. Perhaps they aren’t so different from the rest of us after all. With many famous celebrities playing Bingo online, visiting Bingo halls across the UK and even hosting their own Bingo parties, there is no wonder that with such an impressive following, the interest in Bingo is increasing once more. Celebrities are clearly no exception to the Bingo fever rule and gain just as much enjoyment from playing this popular game as the rest of us do – follow link now. But who can we find playing Bingo for fun who we will also see on the red carpet?

Catherine Zeta-Jones Bingo

When Catherine was a child, her parents were unable to afford to send her to ballet classes which were something she had always wanted to do. But having been to Bingo, her parents won £100,000 and were able to send her to the ballet classes of her dreams. Ever since then, Zeta-Jones has continued to play Bingo as she knows first-hand just how many doors it can open.

Zeta-Jones is one of the most well-known players of Bingo because her love for the game is so strong. She has been known to throw her own Bingo parties at her house and her passion for the game continues to this day. Every Christmas, Catherine updates her Bingo cards which she has custom made and these see her through the forthcoming year. 

Kate Moss Bingo

Famously known for sultry poses and strutting down the catwalk, Kate Moss perhaps isn’t someone you would expect to find playing Bingo. But after a difficult divorce from Jamie Hince and having lead a Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle for perhaps longer than she would have liked, this first-class model swapped her late nights of partying for Bingo hall fun. Often found playing Bingo with Sadie Frost, Moss has subsequently swapped clubs nights for Bingo halls, taking her parental responsibilities very seriously. Not only is Kate Moss incredible at her modelling career, she is also a great inspiration to younger models, setting a great example that you don’t have to spend your evenings getting drunk and doing other outrages things to still be classed as the next best thing! 

Cristiano Ronaldo Bingo

Swapping footballs for Bingo balls, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most least likely candidates for being in love with Bingo. But hey, everyone has their secrets! Bingo became a big part of Ronaldo’s life when he transferred from Portugal to Manchester, but realised that his English was not good enough to be able to communicate openly and freely with Ferguson, his manager at the time. To help enhance his English, a Bingo style DVD was given to him which helped him to pick up all of the key phrases he would need for when he came to England and his love for Bingo has never faltered since. Ronaldo has been known to describe Bingo as being “very exciting” and we think that it’s very exciting that he is such a frequent player, giving Bingo such great publicity with younger people. 

Russell Crowe Bingo

From being hugely vocal and performing to concentrating and being very attentive, you may be surprised to hear that Russell Crowe is no newcomer to the world of Bingo.  At the tender age of 22, he actually had a job as a Bingo caller in New Zealand where he grew up. This job didn’t end well, as Crowe got fired for associating the ball numbers with too many rude names, but this does not seem to have diminished Crowe’s love for the game itself.  Still found in Bingo halls around the country, Crowe, sightings of Crowe playing his favourite game are not a rare thing. Keep your eyes open, he might be heading your way next! 

Sharon Osbourne Bingo

Often seen on your TV screen on a Saturday night, Mrs Osbourne definitely has a reputation that precedes her. But did you know that she was a lover of Bingo? It’s not something that we tend to associate with such a Rockstar kind of lifestyle, especially when you’re married to someone as “out there” as Ozzy, but Sharon has commented that Bingo is a great way for her to de-stress.

Osbourne is actually the face of celebrity online Bingo and loves the games so much that she even has very own Bingo site online. If that’s not love, then we don’t know what is! 

Robbie Williams Bingo

From one X-Factor judge to another, Robbie Williams has been associated with Bingo for quite some time. This is not for personal means, but solely as a way of raising money for various charities. These charities have included awarding the winning money to that of a Breast Cancer Charity – a very worthy winner for Robbie to have donated the prize fund to. Robbie gets his friends, family and singer friends together and often invites them into his home to play a game of Charity Bingo to raise money for the pre-selected charity. Though he can often be found out and about playing Bingo is public, too. He just can’t get enough of it! 

Bingo Loving Celebs

There are so many celebrities that love to play Bingo, the list is endless. The members of Take That love to play when they are on tour together. But celebs aren’t the only Bingo lovers. The Royals love to play Bingo too. Prince William was spotted during is training at Sandhurst, nipping into the local Bingo hall and enjoying a bit of downtime with a book full of tickets. Bingo can literally be played by anyone and everyone. Whoever you are, you’re guaranteed to have fun playing Bingo!