[Video] Last Night on CONAN (11/11/19): Kevin Nealon

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On Monday, November 11th,
Conan welcomed Kevin Nealon!

Conan Remembers His Friend Rick Ludwin

Conan pays tribute to Rick Ludwin, a longtime NBC executive
and friend who famously fought to keep “Seinfeld”
and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” on the air.

Conan On Amy Klobuchar & Pete Buttigieg Battling For Fourth Place

Conan jokes out the 2020 presidential election,
Michael Bloomberg, and Madonna.

Why Rats Are So Stressed Out

Rats are learning to drive tiny cars in an effort to de-stress,
but what exactly is stressing them out?

Kevin Nealon Is Frustrated With His Terminally Ill Friend

Kevin spent a lot of money on a big goodbye party
for his terminally ill friend — who remains alive to this day.

What Kevin Nealon Took When He Evacuated His House

Kevin grabbed his best guitar, his laptop, and a photo album —
and told his wife he’d be back in a couple days.

Kevin Nealon Gets A Second Chance To Interview Conan

Kevin describes Conan’s episode of “Hiking With Kevin”
as a “perfect interview,” but Conan has one major note.

Sona Fixes Your Life – Episode 2:

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Episode 2

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On Tuesday, November 12th, Conan
welcomes Lizzy Caplan & D.J. Demers!

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