[Interview] Sam Littlefield Talks Character Development & Creating New Movies

There are people in the entertainment industry who often take on more than one role and wear many different hats. They can at times be starring, writing, producing, and even directing a piece while being involved in other endeavors as well.

Sam Littlefield is wearing these many hats all at the same time, working on a variety of projects, all of which are amazing and will be delighting audiences for generations to come.

PopCultHQ had the chance to chat with Sam about his character of Mouse on the CW show Batwoman, the upcoming film Mother’s Little Helpers, and his personal project Moyamoya.

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Sam Littlefield

PopCultHQ: What lead you to be involved with Batwoman?

Sam Littlefield: I’d been auditioning for David Rap before who handles the whole sort of DC world with the CW for a while now. I came in, auditioned, I think I read once, left, and the next thing I knew I was a part of it. And it’s just a much more involved thing than I’d ever have anticipated it would be.

PopCultHQ – The episode that introduced your character Mouse was brilliant. Audiences are meant to have such sympathy for him before the curtain is pulled back at the end and his allegiance to Alice is truly revealed. Could you walk me through your process of crafting Mouse’s character and developing his personality in the ‘Batwoman’ world?

Sam Littlefield: It’s been so interesting because really you’re just kind of stabbing in the dark. You get the script from the writers, who are creating this character. He’s not pulled from the DC comics originally. But we have a specific hair and makeup team that has been working wholeheartedly on this with me. We’ve just been in kind of collaboration, sort of creating him along the way and discovering really what Mouse is about through the process. It’s just kind of one step at a time.

PopCultHQ: How did you come to familiarize yourself with the character of Mouse? And then going off that, how did you build him into the Batwoman universe?

Sam Littlefield: What I was granted was the really rich backstory and origin story of Mouse. Which as it turns out is a big origin story for Batwoman the series as whole. So being able to draw from that with the experiences these two characters have growing up and what they mean to each other, sort of opens up a treasure trove. Rachel Skarsten who plays Alice and I, our collaboration and talking through these things, and what the dynamics are between these two characters, in order to sort of get it to its nucleus. From there, it’s such a creative role. I’m given carte blanche to be as free as I want to be within that world. In regards to the hair and makeup and everything, there were so many tests and costume tests and makeup tests and hair tests. Getting it to that point where all of a sudden one day it all just clicked and was like, “Oh, that’s who he is and that’s how he moves, that’s why he thinks the way he does.” After that you sort of ride the wave of it.

PopCultHQ: The film ‘Mother’s Little Helpers,’ which you co-wrote, produced and starred in, hits theaters in December. Is there something you hope audiences take away from the movie when it releases?

Sam Littlefield: One thing that I think is so very special about this film was the process in which it was made. Everyone was called a week beforehand to jump on board. 100% of everyone jumped on board immediately. There was not a single person who said no. We all worked for free. We filmed the movie within a week. It’s something that I’m so incredibly proud of because it’s such an incredible collaboration between some very talented people. In a lot of ways it’s sort of revolutionary, this open collaborative field where we all did get writing credit and producing credit. A lot of that can be attributed to Kestrin Pantera, our director, who helmed the project and kind of created this atmosphere for us all to work together. And so that’s what I think is kind of just exciting and cool when you are watching the film to understand, the way in which it was made. Because I think that really informs the real energy of the film itself. So I hope audiences are kind of able to carry that with them if they see it.

PopCultHQ: A final question: your film “Moyamoya,” a quasi-musical following one stroke victim’s journey as he recovers the mysteries of his dark past, is currently in development. Any hints or tidbits you could perhaps drop about it or share where it’s currently at in production?

Sam Littlefield: We are in the end stages of development on it. I’ve been working on this screenplay for about 8 years now. We are just starting to go into production. We have just completed our score. I’m incredibly excited about this film. It’s almost like if Little Shop of Horrors and Memento had a baby. We have a really cool team and it’s something I hold very close to my heart, so I’m really looking forward to getting it out there and showing it to the world.

PopCultHQ: Sam, thank you so much for taking time out of you schedule to chat with me about your work on Batwoman, on Mother’s Little Helpers, which comes out in December, and Moyamoya. It has been a true delight.

Sam Littlefield: Of course, thank you. This has been great.