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The Ghana ambassador to the United States must be a big fan of Conan O’Brien.

Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah sent a letter officially inviting Conan to visit the Republic of Ghana to film the next installment of Conan Without Borders, and, of course, Conan accepted.

Note to other countries: If you want Conan to visit, all you have to do is ask. Nicely.

Conan was excited to explore the West African country’s culture and to meet its people, and he wasn’t alone. Veep star Sam Richardson, whose mother is Ghanian, accompanied Conan, a decision Richardson might regret.

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Sit back and enjoy Conan as he visits the African nation in his latest globetrotting CONAN Without Borders: GHANA! #ConanGhana


Conan Brings His Ghanaian Movie Poster To Life

What happens when late night becomes a late nightmare? Find out in this trailer inspired by Ghanaian movie poster artist Daniel Anum Jasper.

Conan’s Ghanaian History Lesson

Conan presents a quick refresher on Ghana history. Because if you’re like Conan,
you didn’t learn much about Ghana in Mrs. Patterson’s world history class.

Conan Learns About Ghanaian Customs

Conan learns how to greet / offend locals
and dance the Azonto from his new friend Kalybos.

Conan Hits The Streets Of Accra

Conan attempts to chop a coconut, critiques a local merchant’s
CD selection, and discovers the sensual side effects of passion fruit.

Conan & Sam Richardson Explore Makola Market

Conan questions Makola Market’s “no fighting” rule
and becomes the face of Perk Biscuits.

Conan & Sam Richardson Learn How To Cook Ghanaian Jollof Rice

Conan and Sam learn to make a traditional Ghanaian dish
on the country’s #1 cooking show, “McBrown’s Kitchen.”

Conan Gets His Own Fantasy Coffin

Conan is presented with a handcrafted coffin
in the shape of something very meaningful to him.

Conan Makes A Music Video With Kuami Eugene

Conan lends his signature voice and dance moves
to afro-pop star Kuami Eugene’s music video.

Conan & Sam Richardson Meet Ashanti Royalty

Conan and Sam are outfitted in custom
kente cloth to meet the Queen Mother.

Conan & Sam Richardson Learn About The Year Of Return

Conan and Sam visit Osu Castle and talk with a group of visitors
from Chicago about what the Year Of Return means to them.

Conan & Sam Richardson Make Plans To Return To Ghana

Conan and Sam reflect on what the trip
has meant to them and make plans to return.

Q&A: Sam Richardson On Returning To Ghana After 15 Years

Sam’s family was so excited to spend time with him,
there was barely time for him to sleep.

Q&A: Why People Should Visit Different Countries In Africa

For Conan’s first trip to Africa, he wanted to avoid the “safari” cliche
and instead shine a spotlight on Ghana and its rich history.

Q&A: Sam Richardson’s Favorite Moment

Sam got a kick out of all the product placement in McBrown’s Kitchen.

Q&A: Conan On The Value Of Travel

Conan talks about the value of living in another person’s
sandals and the powerful lessons he learned in Ghana.

Q&A: Conan On The Politics Of Meeting The Queen Mother

“Conan Without Borders: Ghana” fixer Lady May takes the mic to
explain the complicated process of navigating Ghanian chieftaincy.

Q&A: The #ConanGhana Crew’s Favorite Food In Ghana

Conan and his crew collectively lost their
minds over Papaye’s chicken and hot sauce.

Conan Meets Sam Richardson’s Family

Conan crashes Sam’s family reunion and learns
that Sam’s family is descended from royalty.

Conan Interviews DJ Switch

11-year-old DJ Switch approves of Conan’s Ghanaian
ensemble but is on the fence about his dance moves.

Learn About Ghana’s Partnership With Zipline

Thanks to partnerships with companies like Zipline, Ghana is being hailed as a world leader in the use of drones to increase healthcare access and save lives.

The Making Of Conan’s Coffin

Watch how Paa Joe and his team of craftsmen
created Conan’s one-of-a-kind coffin.

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