[Video] Last Night on CONAN (11/6/19): Willem Dafoe | Emily Catalano

PopCultHQ brings you all the
best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, November 6th, Conan
welcomed Willem Dafoe & Emily Catalano!

#ConanGhana Preview: Conan Discovers The Benefits Of Passion Fruit
A merchant in Accra makes a big sale after informing
Conan that passion fruit leads to “a good sexy night.”
#ConanGhana premieres Thursday, November 7th at 10/9c on TBS.

The World’s Most Accomplished Traveler Challenges Conan
Gary claims to be the world’s most accomplished traveler, but he’s
really just an alcoholic that likes to go to chain restaurants.

Willem Dafoe Pronounced His Name Wrong
Contrary to this video from 1975,
Willem’s last name is pronounced “Duh-foe.”

Willem Dafoe Had Scripted Farts In “The Lighthouse”
Willem would like to clarify that
the farts were scripted, not improvised.

Willem Dafoe Is A Fan Of Conan’s 1996 Interview With Abel Ferrara
Conan gives Willem a behind-the-scenes scoop about
his infamous interview with the eccentric director.

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Emily Catalano Is A Basketball Coach In The Bedroom
The key to good communication in the bedroom
is a lot of basketball metaphors.


Willem Dafoe On “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” 04/07/00

On Thursday, November 7th, TBS is airing
Conan Without Borders: Ghana! #ConanGhana

CONAN airs Weeknights on TBS @ 11/10c.

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