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What Crusader Kings III Will Be Like

by Stentor
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The fans have been waiting for the third part of the legendary role-playing strategy about medieval intrigues for a long time. Crusader Kings II will soon be eight years old. Well, it’s great that its popularity is not fading, but the technical foundation, unfortunately, is rapidly becoming obsolete.

The game director Henrik Fåhraeus says that he began work on the third part immediately after the release of Stellaris in 2016. The first sketches and prototypes Fåhraeus did begin to create in 2014 – “almost immediately after the release of the second.”

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So, here’s the list of what we already know about the upcoming Crusader Kings III:

1. It’s gonna be a mix of an RPG and a strategy

At first glance at Crusader Kings III, we see a revised map and new portraits of characters. Now they are made in 3D and animated – the new avatars look not as pleasant as the usual portraits from the second part, but they have an idea behind them.

Now, the portrait directly reflects the character’s temper: the devout people will raise their eyes to the sky, and the cunning schemer will smile ominously. And it works: now, in order to understand who you are dealing with, you do not have to peer at the icons that indicate the character’s traits – just look at the portrait.

All this is a reflection of the main idea of ​​the third part of Crusader Kings. It’s a mix of strategy and RPG (though it seems to be more like an RPG kind of game). Now the game focuses on this aspect: role elements, freedom of action, many directions of development. The elements of strategy, of course, are still present.

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2. Families First

RPG elements appeared even where they were not expected: for example, in the updated system of dynasties. Although it would be more accurate to call it not an updated system, but something completely new: now dynasties are not just an abstract set of relatives that can be viewed by clicking the corresponding button.

The dynasty is now divided into houses, each one having a head of the family. The head of the most influential of the houses has the right to resolve intra-dynastic conflicts: for example, legitimize or reject bastards or deprive younger relatives of inheritance.

3. What about the interface?

The main such aspect in Crusader Kings has always remained a cumbersome interface, due to which some players terrifyingly turned off the game without even trying to figure it out. One of the few main tasks that Fareus faced was the creation of a new interface – and, as far as the demo shows, it turned out to be really accessible.

The contextual prompts start to appear when you hover over each term, such as prestige or regent. The text of the hint can also have highlighted term words, which, in turn, can also be revealed. And if you click on the word, the game will redirect you to the corresponding article in the full-fledged in-game encyclopedia.

To sum up

Crusader Kings III is gonna gift us all with some new wonderful features.

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