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On Monday, November 4th,
Conan welcomed Matt Damon!

Conan Has Mixed Feelings About Trump Making His Staff Praise Him On Twitter
As an American, Conan finds the President’s
request disgraceful. As a boss, he gets it.

Conan Wants To Be Honored Alongside The Hero Dog Conan
As the military dog’s namesake, Conan thinks he deserves some accolades.
The dog in the audience, who proudly served under Conan the dog, strongly disagrees.

The Ultimate Fall Latte Has Arrived
This fall, Starbucks is going above and beyond
their traditional pumpkin spice latte.

Matt Damon & Tom Cruise Have Different Approaches To Death-Defying Stunts
If Matt is told a stunt is too dangerous, he doesn’t do the stunt.
If Tom is told a stunt is too dangerous, he gets a second opinion.

Ben Affleck Came To Matt Damon’s Rescue In A Fight
Matt looks back on a snow day fight from the ’80s
that could have gone badly if Ben Affleck wasn’t there.

Matt Damon Left A Massive Spider On Chris Hemsworth’s Doorstep
When Matt encountered a gigantic Huntsman spider
in Australia, he knew just the place to release it.

Why Matt Damon Signs So Many Autographs
Matt signs as many autographs as possible in an
effort to decrease the value of his signature.

Matt Damon On Acting Alongside His “Ford v Ferrari” Co-star Christian Bale
Matt isn’t a method actor himself, but he thinks
it’s “clearly working well” for Christian Bale.

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Are Reuniting For “The Last Duel”
Matt shares details about his and Ben’s first
writing collaboration since “Good Will Hunting.”


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On Tuesday, November 5th,
Conan welcomes Bert Kreischer!

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