[Video] Last Night on CONAN (10/29/19): Aaron Paul

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On Tuesday, October 29th,
Conan welcomed Aaron Paul!

Conan: Trump Only Gave Candy To Kids Who Promised To Investigate Joe Biden

Conan jokes about trick-or-treaters at the White House.

White Castle Isn’t Just For Meat Eaters

With White Castle’s new Impossible Sliders, vegetarians can now experience
the unmistakable flavor and diarrhea that people have come to expect from the fast food chain.

Conan & His Staff Are Going Green

We’re making our offices more eco-friendly by banning
plastic straws, cups, and our coal-powered applause sign.

“El Camino” Features Aaron Paul’s First Improvised “Yeah Bitch!”

A particularly beautiful salad inspired Aaron to improvise
Jesse Pinkman’s iconic catchphrase from “Breaking Bad.”

Aaron Paul Dressed His Daughter In “Breaking Bad” Cosplay

Aaron had been holding on to the
costume in anticipation of his first child.

Conan Sips Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston’s Mezcal

Aaron and Bryan are making their debut in the booze
business with their new line of Mezcal: Dos Hombres.

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LeVar Burton on The Three Questions with Andy Richter
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Martha Stewart shows Conan how to spice up his Halloween
on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” 10/29/97

On Wednesday, October 30th,
Conan welcomes Deon Cole!

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