6 Gifts for the Ultimate Comic Book Fan

With Christmas fast approaching, you may find yourself panicking over what to get your nearest and dearest. And while socks are always a strong contender, if you happen to have a comic book fan in your life, then you may find them a little easier to shop for, thanks to some of the latest products hitting the shelves…

Comic-Con Tickets

The ultimate haven for fans far and wide, Comic-Con is the destination to visit to have your best geek-out experience. Whichever fandom you belong to, you’ll be sure to find your place amongst the hoards of super geeks that descend every year. From the insanely creative cosplayers, special guests, Q&As and, of course, merch, you’ll be spoilt for choice. What better way to treat a comic book fan then taking them to comic book paradise? Book your tickets now!

Collectable Figurines

Every comic book geek needs their figurines, and thanks to Toy Titanz, you can now get your hands on some prime collectibles, including characters from Dragon Ball, Power Rangers, Street Fighter and the Marvel and DC Universe. From the mighty Thanos to the heroic Goku, Toy Titanz has got you covered, with a range of intricately detailed figurines, complete with their own accessories, different head portraits and interchangeable limbs. The level of accuracy that has gone into crafting these figurines is clear to see, and another reason they would be much adored by comic lovers.

Framed Marvel Stamps

If the comic lover in your life is more of an artsy type, then they may appreciate these framed Marvel Stamps. These original works of art are displayed in 15 brand new Marvel stamps, including a never-before-seen comic book miniature sheet, designed exclusively for Royal Mail. Frankly, anything with the words ‘never-before-seen’ in it is an instant hit with superfans, and any fan of Marvel and its comic history will treasure these like the Holy Grail.

Marvel 3D Deco Lights

This official licensed Marvel merch will be sure to brighten up any room and give a special touch of geek to your décor. From Hulk’s fist smashing through the wall to Cap’s shield and Thor’s hammer, you’ll have your pick of Avengers-themed lighting.  These super cool lighting gadgets will spruce up your room in no time, and let you embrace your love for the Avengers. The battery-operated wall lights are available and easy to find on the internet.

Superhero Christmas Jumpers

Keeping it festive, but still embracing your comic geek, these jumpers are an adorable alternative Christmas gift. Both practical for the winter weather and extremely stylish, these jumpers will let you wear your geek status with pride and are sure to get some admiring glances. If nothing else, they’ll surely win 1st place at the Best Christmas Jumper competition at work!

Comic Book Mug

Even superheroes need their caffeine intake (the real cause of the Hulk’s anger is severe caffeine-withdrawal). Gift your comic geek with something to perk up their dull morning, with this variety of comic-themed mugs.