[Ad] General Guide on Cisco CCNA Data Center Certification Exam

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The Cisco 200-150, Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN), certification exam counts as credit towards the attainment of the CCNA Data Center credential of the Associate level. It is the first test you should take for this certificate. Another one is 200-155 DCICT. In this article, we will guide you through 200-150 DCICN.

Exam Structure

The first thing we should inform you is that the exam consists of 55 to 65 questions and you will be given only 90 minutes to complete it. There are different types of questions you should expect during this certificationtest. This will surely help your preparation and time management skills. The Cisco 200-150 exam has basically four types of questions, which include drag and drop, multiple-choice questions (single and multiple answers), testlets, and simlets. The DCICN test evaluates the candidates’ knowledge and skills in the data center physical infrastructure, storage networking, and networking concepts.

The CCNA Data Center credential is very unique and unlike many other certifications offered by Cisco, it doesn’t have any prerequisites. This means that irrespective of your current career level, you can take up the challenge to pursue this certificate. For those professionals who have already earned any other CCNA credential, the Cisco 200-150 exam can be a walkthrough because there would be questions that you are already familiar with. In the meantime, there will be some challenging ones covering data center content.

Exam Topics

The Cisco 200-150 DCICN exam covers five broad topics. These include data center physical infrastructure (15%), basic data center storage (19%), basic data center networking concepts (23%),advanced data center storage (20%), and advanced data center networking concepts (23%). As you see, each of these topics has a specific percentage, which indicates the weight of questions that may be expected from each of them. It is very important that you pay close attention to the percentage so as to know how to navigate through your studies.There are also some crucial concepts that the test takers should be familiar with before attempting this certification exam. These include FCoE port roles, DCB, STP, FC port roles, and sample protocol for OSI model layer. Visit http://prepaway.net to Read More.

Exam Mechanism

To guarantee success in your exam, it is crucial that you understand the mechanisms involved in the test. Knowing this will help you prepare ahead and prevent you from encountering unpleasant surprises during the actual exam. Let’s see how Cisco 200-150 DCICN functions and how you can work through it.

  1. When you start the exam, there is no option to go back and revisit any question that you have answered. This means as soon as you click the Next button, you will be redirected to the next question. You will be unable to go back to previously answered questions.
  2. You cannot review your answers or undo any errors that you have made at the completion of the test. This means you have to be sure of each of the variants you have chosen before proceeding to the next question.
  3. You will have access to a clock countdown on your system at the exam. It is located at the top right-hand corner of the system. With its help, you can monitor your progress vis-à-vis the time you have left. As mentioned earlier, time pressure will most likely not be an issue for you. However, you have to pay attention to it to avoid any unexpected run-out of time.
  4. There is the Comment button at the end of the exam where you can provide your feedback. If you have any observations or recommendations to make, you can also mention them.

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Pitfalls and Problems

Although the Cisco 200-150 exam seems pretty easy for some candidates, many other students fail at the test mostly at their first attempt. There are a couple of reasons that may be responsible for this. To avoid falling into the same pit, it is important that you know these pitfalls as well as how to counter them. Let’s check them out.

  • Inappropriate study materials for the exam

There are many resource tools available at the online platforms and local stores for the Cisco 200-150 certification exam. These include training courses, video tutorials, practice tests, blogs, and braindumps. However, many of these resources are outdated and not relevant to the current test that the candidates are writing. Using obsolete study materials for your exam can only earn you poor scores. There are also some instances where the resources do not cover the necessary and relevant exam topics comprehensively.

The implication of this is that the students end up with minimal knowledge required for the exam, which will significantly affect their performance in the test. This means that whenever you are choosing resource materials and platforms to access resources for your Cisco 200-150, you should be careful. The first thing is to read the exam objectives so that you would know what to look out for in your prep materials. You should check the PrepAway website to see the relevant and up-to-date tools for your certification exam.

  • Irrational use of time management

Ideally, time should not be an issue with the Cisco 200-150 exam. However, many candidates have a poor schedule and do not take time to properly work through the questions. This is mostly due to the two factors: anxiety and poor materials. Dealing with a ton of subjects may be difficult and exhausting.Tocope with your state of mind, you need to spread all the exam topics wisely throughout the whole period of your preparation time. Thus, you will gain not only required skills and knowledge but also confidence in what you are doing. To help you with your exam time management, it is also recommended that you take simulated practice tests. PrepAway also offers you this type of preparation. As a result, you will have experience in test-taking and will know the examples of possible questions.


Whether you have earned the CCNA certificate before or you are new to the Cisco certification path, there are prep tools that will help you achieve great success at your first attempt in the exam. PrepAway has all study materials you need to have an excellent result in your Cisco 200-150 test. So, grab this opportunity, evade the possible pitfalls, and get the CCNA Data Center credential today.