[Convention] VampCon Chicago is Cancelled

VampCon Chicago is a brand new event that was to be held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont, IL, on September 20–22.  It was billed as a unique, one of a kind con where celebrities, artists & fans everywhere come to celebrate all things vampire & horror!

Unfortunately on September 10, VampCon Operations, Brent J. Warren, issued a press release saying the event would be rescheduled.

Vamcon Chicao cancellation

So far there is no word on refunds for those who have purchased tickets. Tickets were purchased through Ticket Sauce which instructs purchases that any ticket refunds are the responsibility of the event organizer.
“Each event has its own specific refund policy. Please check the fine print of your event for details for specifics. If you are able to request a refund, please contact the event organizer directly. If a refund is granted, only the base ticket price will be refunded. All service/transaction fees will not be refunded.”

It looks like any ticket holders are out of luck as there is not contingency listed either on Ticket Sauce or VampCon Chicago for refunds.  Per the released statement “All previously purchased badges for VampCon will be valid for the new date, Updates will be posted to the website and social media as they become available.”

Vamped.org managed to acquire an interview Mr. Christopher A. Davis, the man behind the event.

Per their article :

For anyone wishing to have their badge purchase refunded we ask that they reach out to us at info@vampconchicago.com with their full name, the email address they used to purchase the badge, and the website they bought the badge at. Refunds should be available within 7 days of contacting us. 

We will also be announcing a bonus for all attendees that have already purchased their badges, something that will only be offered to ticket purchases made before the date change. 

For those on the fence, they will have 30 days after the new date is announced to request a refund.  

And per this article from The Herald-News:

“He assured me organizers are rescheduling a date for spring at the same venue with as yet unspecified bonuses for those who had already purchased tickets (although refunds will be given to ticket-holders and vendors if they request them, he said). “

So, there is still hope to get your tickets refunded. Leave a comment below to let us know if you were refunded

Please keep an eye on this space as we update it with more information later today.


    • I suggest you start by emailing at info@vampconchicago.com. They stated in the one article that there would be refunds within 7 days. IF you don’t see anything then go through your payment method to get the refund (Paypal, debit, credit, etc..). As I get more updates I will post them here
      Good Luck

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