Reptile’s Random Review: Milwaukee Mighty Con 2019

September 7th was Mighty Con Milwaukee in West Allis, Wisconsin. Mighty Con is a series of comic-based conventions that covers several cities. Their next is in New Orleans on September 29th.

I’m not unfamiliar with Mighty Con, as I have attended some of the local ones near me. They’re a smallish convention consisting mostly of comic books (of course), artists, toy and collectible vendors, with a dash of cosplay thrown in.  They even hold a cosplay contest with two categories – kids and adults at each event.

I enjoy Mighty Con for its laid back comic convention feel. As I said, it is a smallish convention, free of a lot of the hype and crowds associated with a lot of the really big conventions. It also doesn’t have the huge price tag for admission that the big conventions have. For the Mighty Cons I’ve attended, the door price is normally $5.00.

Being a smallish con, I find the people and vendors are nice and very laid back. They always seem to have time to hold a good old-fashioned conversation about nerdy type things. Oh, and as for vendor prices of merchandise; at this con, the prices seem to be a bit softer. Likely due to the fact the table prices are much more affordable.

When I first got to Mighty Con Milwaukee, I was a little overwhelmed by the size of the fairgrounds where the convention was held. If you have never been to the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds, it’s amazing with a full stadium and many, and I do mean many, permanent buildings. It was interesting just wandering around looking at all the restaurants and food stands while I tried to find the right building Mighty Con was in. Though I enjoyed looking around, the drawback was that there were no clear signage directing you to the convention. A number of us just wandered around in the general direction the parking person pointed. We eventually found the building by looking for where people seemed to be moving around and when we found there was ONE sign outside the building declaring it to be “Mighty Con.”

I spent my afternoon there perusing the vendors and taking pictures of cosplayers. I also spent a lot of time just shooting the breeze with cosplayers and vendors about the kind of nerdy things all of us go to conventions for. While doing this, I stopped at the booth of artist Gordon Purcell, best known for his artwork on the Star Trek comic book series. He has also done art work for DC and Marvel comics. For our younger readers, you might be interested to know he also worked on Ben 10 in 2013.

Gordon Purcell

Gordon turned out to be one of the nicest people there and even though his artwork is awesome, as are his credentials, we ended up chatting about nearly anything except his work. We chatted about things related to our age group.

Yes, Reptile has been around the block more than a few times.

My assessment of Mighty Con Milwaukee: It’s definitely a win and I would return because it is what Comic Cons use to be. 

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