Cosplay Photos: Wizard World Chicago 2019 – Saturday (Part 1)

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Saturday started out early for us as we knew construction would be a hold up. Combined with the usual Saturday convention traffic we thought it would be a bear. We managed to get in an hour before the con opened, which gave us plenty of time which I used to get photos.

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First booth we hit was my son’s favorite….Legos (well replicas of). The same vendor is in the same spot every year, and my son is a steady client. Every year we leave with a new batch of mini-figures. This venue was just to scope out the stock, so he could come back later in the day to get what he wanted.

I went after a few more photos and then my husband and son met up with their Marvel Luchador group who wandered throughout the whole convention. There was a lot of them, and they were loud, but it got attention from patron and celebrities alike.

While the group was still organizing I went in and visited the cookie booth, where I caved and bought two delicious pieces of art.

Then the rest of the day was all cosplay

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