Cosplay Photos: Wizard World Chicago 2019 – Friday (Part 3)

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The crowds were thin on Friday, so I don’t have many more cosplay photos. The thin crowds, however, made it very obvious that there were several vendors that really shouldn’t be there. I realize they paid for a spot so technically they belong there, but why?

There was one vendor selling nothing but sunglasses, sort of reminded me of the annoying ones we were getting in various FB groups for a while. I suppose I can logic that one as several characters use sunglasses. I can also understand why a tourism company would set up a booth, and Codeverse is after the children of the geeky parents. Slightly less understandable is the army, but they are at least looking for tech savvy recruits. Maybe the fortune teller was told by the spirits that there would be good business at a comic and entertainment convention? Cell phone companies also make some sense because everyone has a cell these days.

However, I need an explanation for a few of the others. Insurance companies always seem to be there; at least State Farm makes an effort to blend in and do something crowd appropriate, not so much with the others. Can someone please explain to me why there was a housing remodeler, an electric massage, and lasik? All I can say is at least we don’t have hot pack vendors or bath refitters.

Now onto the cosplay:

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