Reptile’s Random Reviews: How to Survive Hunger Pains at Wizard World Chicago

Comic conventions are always a good time and Wizard World Chicago is no exception. But you may find yourself wandering through aisles of comics, pop vinyls and collectibles with your stomach grumbling. What to do? Where do I get the best deals to fill that void?

WW Layout

There are vendor booths along the south wall and the east end of Hall A, with such vendors selling pizza and sandwiches and some healthier fare like salads. There is also a convention center-owned station along the north wall that sells the normal fare of hot dogs, brats, hamburgers, popcorn, and ice cream. These are all good and all, but then there is the problem of trying to find a place to sit and enjoy your recently purchased food. Wizard World does provide a couple of areas with tables and chairs, but often on the weekends they are full of other congoers eating or taking a break. Kind of disappointing when all you want to do is take a few minutes to enjoy your meal so you can get back out to the floor and do what you came for.


For my money, there is a hidden little gem on the north side of Hall A. There is a doorway there normally with a guard posted by it that does lead to some bathrooms. Beyond that, there is a cafeteria-style restaurant called The Great Expoteria. This is a nice side-step from the chaos of the con floor, away from the noise, and a much more relaxing place to hang out and enjoy a meal. There are normally plenty of tables and the place is acceptably clean. The food prices are about average for a convention center, but the portions are fair and I have never walked away still hungry. I always make this a destination while at Wizard World Chicago.

wild bills soda

Let’s say you are aren’t really hungry but just need something to quench that building thirst from all the shopping you have been doing. One of the most popular things and a good investment is Wild Bill’s Soda. They normally have a couple of booths going with one in Hall A and one in Hall B. This is one of the best deals at the convention center. With the purchase of one of their metal collectible mugs, you get your first soda free and refills for the rest of the day. They have many flavors to choose from, I believe I have worked my way through all of them. But the best thing is that refillable mug. Hang on to it because each time you bring it back, you pay one fee for the day and you can refill it as many times as you want. The mug is a decent size, too – it’s over 30 oz.