Often Overlooked Preparations for a Local Cosplay Convention

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Over the past few years, cosplay and comic con conventions have become extremely popular. In fact, fans of their favorite superheroes are reluctant to wait until the next year’s national or international convention is held so they organize local area conventions to keep the excitement going. It is not unusual for local groups to sponsor a citywide convention but not having the financing or the experience in planning conventions, they often overlook those finer details which the big conventions always seem to get right. If you are planning a cosplay convention in your local area, here are some of those often overlooked details when preparing a local convention.

Access Is Imperative

Sometimes newbie convention planners spend so much time worrying about parking that they forget that ease of access is equally important. While you might find a venue that holds a sufficient number of people and there is ample parking, can attendees get to and from the grounds easily enough? Is there public transportation available for those who don’t drive and is there scheduled road maintenance in the area which could interfere with traffic during those dates? These are those ‘little’ details that can make a convention a total wipeout.

Does the Venue Have Working Climate Control?

Imagine for a moment an August cosplay convention in Southern California when the temperatures are soaring in the triple digits. It is bad enough when you are dressed scantily for the beach but in those costumes that can cover the entire body in several layers, the heat can be overwhelming. If the venue’s air conditioning isn’t able to keep the temperature sufficiently cool, you might insist that they get the system recharged and those ducts cleaned! In the San Diego area, this would not be a problem when there are companies like Bill Howe Plumbing with years of experiencing in diagnosing and repairing heat and air. Air duct cleaning San Diego is a detail that is also often overlooked when preparing for a cosplay convention in SoCal.

First Aid Station

Especially in regions where the heat can be extreme, first aid stations are a must. Local hospitals and health departments might be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to staffing a first aid station but it is imperative that you have at least an RN and perhaps a paramedic and ambulance on site for the day or days you will be hosting the gathering. Some people party a bit too much and others simply are over (or under!) dressed for the time of year, and then there are the usual accidents that are likely to occur. It is always better to be safe than sorry so trained medical staff is something you shouldn’t overlook.

Planning a cosplay convention can be loads of fun and more exciting than you have ever imagined, but it can be equally as frustrating if you don’t pay attention to those details that you never paid attention to when attending those well-organized larger gatherings. Keep these tips in mind and you will rival even the Marvel conventions with just a little extra thought and effort.