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[Convention] Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019: A Look at Artist Alley

by Jason Bennett
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Silicon Valley Comic Con is back for its fourth year this August 16-18 and PopCultHQ is returning to cover the event for all of you! Silicon Valley Comic Con brings together America’s two greatest superheroes: Pop Culture and Technology. Presented by Steve Wozniak and featuring top celebrities, comics, independent artists, cosplay, video games, consumer electronics, music and apps, Silicon Valley Comic Con is where entertainment and our electronic worlds intersect.

Being held at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, the three-day event put on by Steve Wozniak this year is bigger and better than ever! With such a massive line-up for 2019, we’re breaking down the show by the guests appearing, exhibitors attending, and all the programming featured at SVCC.

Today, we look at all the creators you can find in Artist Alley at #SVCC 2019!

View the SVCC 2019 Floor Plan HERE!

Company Name Booth Number
20PX – Twenty Pixels 16a
8-Bit Quilts 103a
8PM 66a
A Dragon with a Blog 144a
A String of Pearls Design 59a
Albert Nguyen Illustration 172a
Alexe Brewer 15a
Alyssa Winans Illustration 183a
aMIYAKOm 213a
Ann Marcellino 93a
Art by Lawrence Washington 146a
Art by Sean Lenahan 162a
Art of BurntGreenTea and MistiousStar 40a
Art of FRe 106a
Art of Lorraine Yee 117a
Art of Mai Van 94a
Art of Megan Estrada-Moulton 78a
Art of RJ Palmer 108a
ArtByDigits 220a
Avimos 9a
Awkward Affections 51a
Badass Girl World 102a
Bat In Your Belfry 165a
Ben Jelter 110a
Ben Russel, Artist & Illustrator 43a
Black Sheep Comics 62a
Blue Box Imaginarium 53a
Blue Dinos 61a
Bob Goolsby Designs 176a
Boston Metaphysical Society Comic 122a
Brandi York Fine Art and Random Geekery 198a
Brett’s Art World and Akane’s Chibi Art 71a
Brianna Garcia Illustration 158a
calvinnyecomics 194a
Captain Senpai 127a
cardcreatures.com 203a
Cat Guts Art 56a
Celine Chapus 58a
Cerelin Creations 2a
chinfongart 10a
Chris and Jane’s Place: Zombie Gnomes 4a
Christa D 145a
Chrome Gear Illustration 214a
Chuck Whelon 160a
Chump Magic 218a
Chunlin Zhao 65a
Coach JD Designs 12a
Cody Vrosh 129a
Cole Marchetti 167a
Collect2display 219a
Compass Rose Voyager 126a
Corey Brown 31a
creatureish by whoop! 29a
CultClassicPosters 204a
Dailen Ogden 185a
Dalila Caryn 217a
Dean Stuart 199a
Deeply Dapper 82a
Delphinity Comics and Illustration 90a
Diana Teeter Art 170a
Dog Tag the Game 112a
Dream Light Jewelry 99a
Dream Vale Studios 88a
DreamerCorp 5a
DTrang Art 45a
Dwight Illustrations 192a
E. Jade Lomax 32a
E.M. Markoff 21a
Earths Sister 205a
Edge of the World Art 174a
Ensoul 64a
Epic Loot 92a
Fairytale Fox Designs 23a
Fanbase Press 156a
Featherweight Finery 138a
Felicia Ann 149a
firecrystal1092 11a
Fluffed Animals 50a
Fourth Way Comics 98a
Funkybat 161a
Galatea Cosmetics 154a
Gazbot 1a
Genuine Haha 63a
GG’s Creatures 109a
Ghost Thunder Collective 171a
Ghoulish Bunny Studios 48a
Glen Canlas Art 42a
Grow Canvas Grow 115a
Hainanu Saulque 157a
Harumo Bakery 182a
Hiiro Nanan 177a
Holden’s Art Drawer 76a
Human for Scale 131a
Hyperbooster Studio 107a
In Hiatus Studios LLC 125a
Ink Junk 34a
Ink Moon Comics 142a
Inkydandy Art 169a
Jamberry Nail Art 130a
jamie tyndall inc 179a
Jason Lee 105a
Jeff Rider & Cloudwrangler Comics LLC 96a
Jenny Parks Illustration 151a
Jisu 80a
Joanna Palmer Art 30a
Jose Cabrera 152a
jppolish 55a
Jusscope Press 28a
Katie Shaw’s Dragon Child 135a
Kehasuk 163a
Kevin Pringle 139a
Kip Rasmussen Illustration 155a
Kodoja 72a
l3reezer (becauseofdreams.com) 188a
Leanne Huynh 22a
Lenzations 27a
Levi Craig Arts 75a
Lin’s Original Artworks 133a
Little Lunar Rabbit Designs 13a
Little Shop of Pins 46a
Lonnie Millsap 136a
Lopan Art 143a
Luly’s Art 113a
LyleStyleZ 193a
M.A.L.A. 202a
Mad Masks 86a
Matt Gaser 19a
Matt Hebb 69a
Meg Kirkpatrick Art 67a
Mega Negi 74a
mejiaarts 141a
Melissa Pagluica 134a
Memory Plush 8a
Michael Manomivibul Illustration 81a
Michael Matsumoto 215a
MicheleDraws 87a
Miss Melis Art 209a
Misty Figs 197a
My Faerietale 111a
Mystic Soda 200a
NekomimiPUNKS 24a
Never Static Pictures 150a
Pamada K 33a
Parakid 35a
Pascual Productions, LLC 195a
Perler Cuteness 208a
Phantom Monster 124a
Phillip Ginn: Imaginator 37a
Pixelated Takkun 201a
Poofy Emporium 128a
Priscilla Wilson 47a
Public Restroom Comics 38a
Randy Gallegos 184a
Raul D’Mauries 166a
Resilience Birthright, Inc 79a
Ricardo Sanchez 14a
Rio burton 153a
Riri Mon 181a
robogato 118a
RobotCat 140a
Rojofolio 54a
S’Moore Studios 168a
Samigurumi Designs 210a
Save the sperels! 70a
Scary Tales Publishing 137a
Scranton’s Designs 73a
Shadowshapes Media 114a
Shainamation.rocks 173a
Shame Squad 39a
Sharodactyl Art 190a
Sick Soaps 18a
Silicon Valley Authors 6a
Sillycan Vale 207a
Soulburn Studios LLC 49a
Steph Lew Art 119a
Stitchmind Artworks 91a
StitchToons! 191a
sushiray art 95a
Tanya Regan, Beatrice Truesdale and Art for the Rebellion 189a
Taurus Comics 175a
The Art of Cathleen Abalos 104a
The Art of Gard 147a
The Artwork of Yosiell Lorenzo 123a
the-art-man.com 25a
Third Rail Design Lab 83a
Tingting Li 178a
Torrid Comics 206a
Venture Forth Publications 57a
visionarysky 3a
Weldon Studio 187a
William O’Neill: Gentleman Nerd 77a
Winklebeebee Illustration 121a
withstarlikewords 41a
Wren Nowan 120a
Wrought Comics 26a
Xilbris Publications 216a
Y Comics, LLC 159a
Ying’s Art 97a
Yojambo 186a
Zee Cee Art 60a
Zonks Illustration 101a

2019 Show Hours:

12pm – 7pm   Friday – August 16, 2019
10am – 7pm   Saturday – August 17, 2019
10am – 5pm   Sunday – August 18, 2019

*Please note: All VIP Attendee Badges will have access 30 minutes prior to opening of the show each day.

Silicon Valley Comic Con







*** info and images courtesy of SVCC.com

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