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[Video] Conan at Comic-Con (7/19/19): The Cast of ‘Veronica Mars’

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the
best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Friday, July 19th, Conan welcomed
The Cast of ‘Veronica Mars‘!

Mark Hamill Gives Conan The Comic-Con® Citizenship Test

Mark Hamill, aka Luke F***ing Skywalker,
administers Conan’s Comic-Con® Citizenship Test.

Conan Remembers Peter Mayhew With A 21 Wookie Salute

Chewbacca cosplayers take to the
#ConanCon stage to salute the late Peter Mayhew.

A #ConanCon Audience Member Assaults Conan With A Cereal Box 

A fan lobs a box of cereal at Conan,
and not one security guard rushes to Conan’s side.

More SDCC Panels With Extremely Short Lines

Andy Richter Silently Scowls At You For 45 Minutes”
is not the hottest panel in San Diego.

The Gender Reveal Hulk

With the help of Dr. Bruce Banner, Conan
demonstrates a new, cutting edge gender reveal service.

Kristen Bell Went Through Her Neighbor’s Trash Cans

Kristen had a good reason to search her neighbor’s
garbage, which makes it totally legal.

How “Veronica Mars” Fans React To Jason Dohring & Ryan Hansen

Veronica Mars” fans have been known to
skip Jason in autograph lines and call Ryan a dick.

Kristen Bell: Dax Shepard Is My Best Wingman

Veronica Mars is getting a lot of action in
the series reboot – and Dax is totally on board.

Percy Daggs III Averted His Eyes During Kristen Bell’s Sex Scene

Veronica has a healthy sex life on the reboot
and Percy, unfortunately, has a front row seat.

Francis Capra’s Least Authentic Line From “Veronica Mars”

Francis had a hard time believing a gang member
would ever use the term “H-E double hockey sticks.”

Enrico Colantoni & Kristen Bell Can’t Swear On “Veronica Mars”

It turns out that the rebooted “Veronica Mars”
is a lot like “The Good Place.”

“Veronica Mars” Is Kristen Bell &
Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s Third Project Together

Kirby isn’t stalking Kristen, the universe
just keeps bringing them back together.

On Saturday, July 20th,
Conan wraps up ConanCon
with The Cast of ‘Carnival Row‘!

Be sure to follow CONAN online!

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