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[Video] Conan at Comic-Con (7/18/19): Tom Cruise (Surprise Guest)

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the
best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, July 18th, Conan welcomed
a surprise guest…Tom Cruise!

Conan Denies His Involvement In The Xavier Institute Admissions Scandal

Jake Tapper reports on Conan’s $200,000 bribe
to the premier school for mutants.

#ConanCon Monologue: 7/18/19

Conan talks Hall H, Batman,
and superhero movies at #ConanCon.

These SDCC Panels Have Extremely Short Lines

You won’t have to wait in line very long to see
the panel entitled: “Peppa Pig: Secretly Jewish?”

Conan Found The Best Cosplayers In San Diego

“Walking Dead” cosplayers Leslie and Natasha Harpold
look A LOT like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus.

Bernie Sanders Cosplays As Junebug From “My Little Pony”

Senator Sanders, aka James Adomian, stops by #ConanCon to
fight for free college tuition and access to quality hoofcare.

Bran Stark Won’t Settle For A Just OK #ConanCon

The King of Westeros didn’t travel all the way to San Diego
and stand in line for six hours for a just OK #ConanCon.

Tom Cruise Brings Les Grossman To #ConanCon

#ConanCon Highlight: Tom resurrects his “Tropic Thunder”
character’s infamous dance moves and colorful language.

Tom Cruise: “Top Gun: Maverick” Is A Love Letter To Aviation

Tom went to great lengths to ensure theater audiences
have a visceral experience watching the next installment.

Tom Cruise On His Most Iconic Movie Line

The #ConanCon audience helps Tom decide
which of his movie lines is the most iconic.

Tom Cruise On His Most Death-Defying Stunts

Tom admits that hanging off the side of an Airbus A400M
while it was taking off wasn’t the best idea.

On Friday, July 19th,
Conan continues ConanCon
with The Cast Of Veronica Mars!

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