Reptile’s Random Reviews: Spider-Man: Far from Home

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Minor Spoilers Ahead!

(Ed. Note: Spoilers only detail some of the premise & plot, nothing major.)

Spiderman Far from home

I’m sure by now the “True Believers” have already seen Spider-Man: Far from Home. “Nuff Said.”

Not true.

What I can say about this movie is it’s an action-packed adventure with a great balance of story, young romance with some comedy thrown in, in all the right places. The story is set with Peter Parker and his classmates going on a summer vacation school trip to Europe. I don’t know about you and what school you went to, but when I was in high school, field trips meant going to the zoo or a museum, not a trip to Europe…but I digress. Peter and his classmates board a cheap flight to Europe and the romance portion of the movie begins. Peter attempts to get seated with the woman of his dreams and fails. However, his BFF Ned, ends up seated next to a lesser character (who happens to be a long-term Spider-Man character) which works out well for young Ned.

The flight lands leaving Peter and the gang in Venice, Italy, where Nick Fury catches up with him and insists Peter work on a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission (it is here where we are introduced to Mysterio). But all Peter wants to do is stick to his plan for a normal summer vacation with his schoolmates. So Nick being Nick, he hijacks the whole school trip under the guise they’ve been upgraded, and moves the trip around Europe to where he wants Spider-Man to be.

Things start out pretty good. Peter gets a new tactical (stealth) suit so he’s not recognized as Spider-Man in Europe. But just when he thinks he has found a new ally, he discovers Mysterio is a fraud. Now what’s he going to do? In true teen angst fashion, Peter broods because on top of the betrayal by Mysterio, he feels he has failed Tony Stark. With help from Happy Hogan and some reassurance from his love interest, he manages to turn himself around, and returns to doing what Spider-Man does best – kicking butt and using his intelligence and skills to take on the bad guys.

The movie packs some great action sequences and the special effects are as amazing as the Spider-Man himself. I highly recommend you take the time to see this as I feel it’s the best Spider-Man movie to date. One of the sad things about this Marvel movie is it lacks a Stan Lee cameo, but there are two post-credit sequences that are pretty interesting.

PopCultHQ Rating - 4.5 Stars
PopCultHQ Rating – 4.5 Stars

One last thing, DO NOT see this film if you have not yet seen Avengers: Endgame, as there are some major Endgame spoilers in Far From Home.

Now, True Believers, it’s Nuff Said!