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[Apps] 5 Must-Have Apps for Your Next Cosplay Event

by Reptile
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This summer, you can visit over 70 conventions across the USA. The next big Comic Con will be held in San Diego at the Convention Center on July 18-21. According to Forbes, it’s still the biggest convention in the US. Freepps.top prepared a check-list of apps that will be very helpful for getting prepared and influenced. Check out the list of upcoming events around the globe on PopCultHQ.

Cosplay Amino

You’ve probably use this one for several years already. If not, it’s time to give it a try. Cosplay Amino is the most popular cosplay app on the market. It’s rather similar to Facebook, but there’s no rubbish data and uninvolved users. It’s a friendly online space for enthusiastic people.

In this app, you can connect with millions of like minds. Chatting features allow you to exchange instant messages privately or in groups. You can share all your latest works to get feedback as well. Be sure to get it as everyone is incredibly engaged. Don’t worry about abusive behavior. Cosplay community members are generally friendly and sympathetic to everyone, including inexperienced beginners.

You’re free to show off, create polls, carry debates, ask for advice, and even search for active cosplayers around your city to make friends and meet up. Finally, it’s a centralized source of cosplay news from all over the world.


This free tool is designed to help you organize all your cosplay plans. It allows you to keep records of future cosplays and create to-do and to-buy lists. There’s no need to make notes and create folders for reference images as you can attach everything to records within the app. Cosplanner library makes it simple to browse for characters.

The integrated progress counter analyzes all your completed tasks to display the progress bar. It’s also a good accounting app as it allows you to track your cosplay expenses. Enter your budget for the upcoming event and go. You can create an unlimited number of projects. All important data is placed in a detailed summary under records.

You can either remain incognito or go friendly and chat with other users. If you choose the second, then you’ll also enjoy the project-sharing option. It allows you to publish your most successful creations with photos from events.

You can hide stuff like cost, progress counter, or anything else. If others give you high ratings, your project gets on the top of the search list for your particular character. Finally, it’s a good source of inspiration.


We all have days when giving it all up seems to be the best decision. That’s where a good portion of inspiration may save the ball. The next two apps are great sources of cosplay inspiration, new ideas, and other helpful stuff.

YouTube is the biggest video hosting, so it’s easy to find worthy cosplay content there. With the YouTube app, you can browse the website and view unlimited hours of video for free. Even if you don’t know what to watch, hashtag #Cosplay, #Anime, #Comic_Con always work as well as automatic suggestions. The paid subscription allows you to download important videos.

It’s not only about consumption, though. Feel free to use the app to edit your own videos on the go and submit them away from your computer. Live broadcasting is available as well, so you can use it to show live events to your friends and fans.


Instagram is still the biggest social network focused on sharing images. It attracts over 500 million daily users. Cosplayers like Jessica Nigiri (3.7M), Alyson Tabbitha (971K), Yaya Han (586K) and many others post their project outcomes and photosets every day, so there’s always something to watch and comment.

Don’t forget that you can use this network to become recognized as well. Instagram provides deep worldwide outreach, so you can achieve attention even if you live in a small village. Dreams come true sometimes, you know!

This app also includes a powerful filter gallery and intuitive image adjustments. Video features are also presented. You can post short clips with captions, polls, and stickers. In Stories, you can tell something hot. If there’s something big, start a live show with IGTV, tell anything you want, and discuss what’s going on with subscribers.


When you finally reach the convention, a good app for editing fresh photos for Instagram and Amino is essential. Snapseed is the most powerful free photo editor for mobile devices. It allows you to make even low-end-camera photos look acceptable.

Besides the reliable automatic correction tool, you can manually adjust the sharpness of edges, crop, flip, rotate, and resize images. The Photoshop-like brush tool makes it possible to apply changes to particular spots, so you can light up eyes, change the color of anything, and even delete small excess objects.

There’s also a gallery of free customizable filters. They’re not as quick as in Instagram, but provide you with more ways to change photos. If you have several pics, you can lift adjustments and apply them to the next one automatically. Every action is displayed in history feed, where you can delete, disable, or copy adjustments no matter when they were applied.

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