[Comic Book News] Happy Indie-pendence Day! Vault Comics Makes Thirteen #1’s Free!

Vault Comics Offers the First Issues of 13 Series for Free!

In the spirit of the holiday, Vault Comics is offering the first issues of thirteen of its favorite series, completely free on its website, at vaultcomics.com/free-firsts.

Free comics available include the first issues of: Alien Bounty Hunter, Deep Roots, Failsafe, Fearscape, Fissure, Friendo, Heathen, Maxwell’s Demons, Songs for the Dead, Submerged, Vagrant Queen, Wasted Space, and Zojaqan.

Enjoy. And have a safe, happy holiday!



Vault Comics is a private, family-owned company, publishing science fiction and fantasy comics and graphic novels. Vault encourages its creators to break the established order, defy preconceptions of society and identity, and push the boundaries of the medium with bold visions and voices that connect with readers and capture their imaginations.

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