Top Valiant Comic Superheroes and Characters

Following the re-launch of Valiant Comics in 2012, its fans are enjoying an alternative of comics from Marvel and DC. Valiant offers a much more realistic setting in both science and fiction world. The characters in the Valiant comics are powerful and intriguing. “The Valiant comic book universe is a perfect fit for me. It’s a mature, connected universe with characters that are relevant to our time, and it brings this amazing worldview and diversity from its origins more than 30 years ago,” DMG Entertainment Dan Mintz. The following are the top Valiant Comic Superheroes and Characters:

1. Quantum and Woody

These two characters in the Valiant Universe are not actually superheroes. It is a hilarious comedy that seeks to explore the interactions of two people with totally different personalities. Woody is lazy and accidentally gains super strength when he stumbles upon his brother Eric. Eric is a joined the army in the hope that he would serve his community. Eric’s role is that of a superhero in this story.

2. X-O Manowar

X-O Manowar, Aric of Dacia was a former slave from the Roman Empire.  Aric was thrown off the planet by Aliens known as The Vine. He comes back to the planet after many centuries bearing the X-O Manowar armor that he stole from the aliens when he escaped. The armor he had is an interstellar weapon that will surpass the current Terran technology. After his return to earth, 1600 years had already passed. Everyone he knew was non-existent. He is struggling to adjust to the modern day world. He holds the power that will destabilize the international security system. X-O Manowar has similar traits with that of Captain America.

3. Faith Hebert (Zephyr)

The young woman Zephyr is the founder of the Harbinger Resistance. She has embraced her role as an able superhero with a lot of positivity. She has a secret identity (Summer Smith) and works as a journalist. Faith has set up a premiere superheroes shop where together with her new boyfriend, they patrol the skies of the city. Faith’s character is relevant to all kind of audiences, both young and older.

4. Shadowman

Jack Boniface, a young man from New Orleans, was bound by an ancient Voodoo spirit called the shadow Loa. The spirits give Jack extraordinary power, strength and reflexes. He is able to access the Deadside – where human souls go after death. The shadowman has protected the city of New Orleans from a number of mystical attacks over the years.

5. Divinity

Abrams Davis is a Russian cosmonaut who went into space for 30 years to explore the space. While in space, he developed superpower abilities such as manipulating time and space.

 He was unable to function well when he came back. This made him become emotionless and drive humanity away from him.

6. Bloodshot

Project Rising Spirit is similar to Marvel’s Weapon Plus Program. Project Rising Spirit created the unstoppable killing machine known as Bloodshot. Bloodshot is the most iconic character in the Valiant Universe. This role is about to be undertaken by Vin Diesel.  The Bloodshot was recreated from a soldier who sacrificed greatly for his country. Ray Garrison had nanites in his blood, a condition that gave him extreme abilities. Bloodshot is equated to roles such as Captain America or Wolverine.

7. Ninjak

One of the commonly known characters in the Valiant Universe. Ninjak is a valuable member of the MI-6, which is fighting against the immortal warriors, undead soldiers and wearable alien super weapons. The real identity of Ninjak is Colin King. He is the greatest mercenary in the world and an expert in all forms of combat. Ninjak was trained as a ninja and pushed his body to the limits. He is not a superpower but he is considered the smartest strategist in the world. Ninjak wears a Kevlar-armored body suit. His role reflects that of Batman.

8. H.A.R.D Corps

The Harbinger Active Resistance Division Corps is a combat team created by Project Rising Spirit. The suicide squad are not superheroes. However, they have a neural implant that enables them to have extraordinary powers. They hunt down and neutralize rogue psiots. Unfortunately, this shortens their life span. Project Rising Spirit controls them and it has the power to detonate their neurons.

9. Project Rising Spirit

This is a vicious government organization that carries out human experiments and experimental weaponry. They are responsible for creating Bloodshot. They carry out numerous atrocities in the Valiant Universe.

10. Peter Stanchek (Sting)

He is the leader of the Renegades controlled by the Harbinger Foundation. Harbingers in the Valiant Universe are human beings forced by fear and ignorance to live away from others. Being an omega harbinger, Peter is able to control other harbingers. He is the most powerful human being. He has mental abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and mind control. Although quite troubled, he is a capable and purposeful leader with clear a plan for his people.