Cosplay Photos: Wisconsin Comic Con

Wisconsin Comic Con is a new even that was held over the weekend of June 28th at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI.

It was a good event with lots of great vendors, fantastic guests, and good panels.

This was great chance to meet some of our favorite actors including Nichelle Nichols, Ray Park, Ryan Hurst, Adam Baldwin, Khary Payton, Austin St. James, and Creed Bratton. If you are more into the voice actors, they had some of the best. They had them from Soul Eater, Halo, Mass Effect, Super Mario and they had all the ninja turtles, including Rob Paulsen.

On the art front, the names were just as big – Joel Adams, Neal Adam, Bob Camp, Michael Golden, Greg Horn, Bob Hall, and so many more. On top of that, a surprise to me was Jody Lynn Nye. A fantasy author who has written hundreds of fantastic books and has found herself on my bookshelves many times. She has also co-written with Robert Aspirin, Anne McCaffery, Elizabeth Moon and Piers Anthony.

This convention was laid out, friendly and had a fantastic map and schedule. Unfortunately there were not enough patrons to support it. I don’t know if it was scheduling or poor advertising that led to its low numbers.

It was not a good weekend for a convention as there several pride events and it was the weekend of Milwaukee Summerfest. It also came to the midwest after several large conventions and events have already taken our money. It was a shame to see the convention floor so empty.

On the plus side, there was plenty of cosplay to find on Saturday;

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