Newest Comic Craze for Millennials

Millennials are one of the most active generations when it comes to enjoying different leisure activities. From swiping on dating apps to enjoying online casino and table games at mFortune or just munching on avocados, the millennials are a diverse but predictable bunch. They are also flag wavers for some crazes that bring back retro activities that will make their grandparents smile. One of them is reading comics. Many millennials are swapping their online apps, study books and more for a quiet read at the local comic book store. But what are the latest comic crazes for millennials and how are they reading them? Let’s have a read…

Millennials #1

One comic book that millennials are buying into is one that speaks their language. This comic book features some type of superhero millennial figures that try to manage their daily struggles against college loan departments, government robots and more. If there was ever a comic that could make millennials laugh and relate to, it would have to be Millennials #1. This is a specific example of a millennial comic and many of them exist in the same vein with similar themes.

Social Media and Comics

Millennials and social media – what’s the difference? The two are almost synonymous in today’s age. When it comes to comic crazes, social media has found a way to merge comics into their own existence. Frequent Twitter and Facebook users will often come across comic-book-type posts from artists featuring their work online and trying to build a fanbase on social media. Popular examples of comic posts on social media are depictions of modern-day life for millennials and many choose to zone in on the realities of a relationship in modern times, pimple popping included.


Social media becomes a vehicle for comics, but that does not mean that all comics that go online are on social media. Webcomics may also feature on dedicated websites and play into the hands of millennials really well. Some of these are seen in the form of a long article that you can scroll through. They also touch on relatable stories and jokes, as well as most of them being free to access. This is the perfect combination for millennials who do not have a lot of money due to the poor economic hand they were dealt with.

Millennials and Comics: The Perfect Combo

So, it’s no longer about The Beano and Archie and his gang but reading comic books has certainly come back in fashion for millennials. Even Generation X is looking over their shoulders and having a read too. It’s not surprising that millennials are choosing comic books again. Comics have often been lightyears ahead of their time on sensitive topics such as sexuality, gender and race. This aligns perfectly with millennials who campaign more for human rights and includes a lot more social activists than other generations. If you want to get back into this age-old activity, then start considering social media comics, webcomics and millennial-specific comics!