[Preview] Action Lab: Danger Zone’s 6/12 Release: BANJAX #1

Comic book breakout writer Rylend Grant made a HUGE impact on the indie scene with his debut series at Action Lab Entertainment entitled ABERRANT. Not only is the fast-paced, action-packed, political thriller about to kick off its second season, plus a television adaptation is in the works, the Hollywood screenwriter is about to drop another new title with the publisher’s Danger Zone imprint. Prepare yourself for…

verb (Irish slang) | ban·jax | \ˈban-ˌjaks\ 
1. To ruin, incapacitate, break, beat to hell, or destroy.
2. A mess or undesirable situation made as a result of incompetence.

Coming to you this Wednesday, June 12th from Action Lab Entertainment‘s Danger Zone imprint is Banjax, a dark and decidedly wicked superhero noir that pulls no punches, that suffers no fools, that repeatedly gets knocked down, but always gets back up again with a smile. It’s an utterly treacherous comic dance that has already been banned in three States AND Puerto Rico!

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Writer: Rylend Grant
Artist: Fábio Alves
Colorist: Edson Ferreira
Letterer: HdE

Cover Artists:
Fábio Alves (Artist)
Edson Ferreira (Colorist)

***Same artists for both the regular and variant covers.

32 pgs./ M / FC
SRP: $3.99


A wholly original and delightfully twisted deconstruction of the superhero genre by Hollywood screenwriter/Aberrant-scribe Rylend Grant. Laird Mason, a disgraced former superhero, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, brought on by years of using his powers. Defending what he has deemed an ungrateful and ultimately unworthy city is literally killing him. With just months to live and a legacy hanging in the balance, Mason launches a violent and misguided Death Wish-like campaign to purge the city of supervillains before he dies.

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What people are saying about Banjax:

“This book instantly sucks you into an intriguing
drama of self-reflection of super-powered individuals.”


Publisher – Action Lab: Danger Zone


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